How to reconcile the Parallels Mac and Windows

The company Parallels first figured out how to work with Windows-based applications on computers running Mac OS X. Now its products have enjoyed every six users of Apple computers in the world.

The most famous product of the company – Parallels Desktop. This is an application which allows you to use any desktop platforms, from the comfort of Mac OS X, published in 2006.

The founders of the company decided to become official partners of Apple and made a meeting with top managers of the apple corporation.

“And here is Steve Jobs, sits on a banquette, and begins to ask direct questions. The whole conversation was very substantive, very clear, good. At the end he says – yes, I think we should do it – and that’s got up and left, “- a meeting with the head of Apple, says Nikolai Dobrovolsky, the author of Parallels.

Now at the offices of the company employs more than 900 people worldwide. Development centers – Moscow and Novosibirsk, chief representative – in the United States.

The latest product of Parallels Desktop 8 supports installation on Mac operating system OS X 10.9 Mavericks, being in test mode. Thus, if the Mavericks will fail in the medium Parallels, users can always delete a virtual machine, continuing to work without any loss of their “poppy.”

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