Soundbar Razer Leviathan review

Soundbar Razer Leviathan review

Soundbar Razer Leviathan review

Razer is deservedly in the lead among the gaming products and has in its arsenal a lot of different peripherals. But at the end of 2014 was presented a rather unusual product for the company, namely the soundbar called Razer Leviathan. We were promised a virtual 5.1 surround sound in a compact size, well-developed low frequencies due to complete in subwoofer, wireless Bluetooth technology, and NFC, as well as versatility. What exactly happened on this, read the review.

Previously, under the “acoustics for home theater” means a large number of speakers who had the right to place and connect. With the advent of sound panels (soundbar) popularity of the classical scheme, Acoustic DK gradually began to fall. The latter can also be seen in the catalog, which clearly shows that when sorting by popularity good half falls on the soundbar.

Such devices are capable of reproducing surround sound, with a minimum placement. Soundbar can be placed on the TV, computer, hang on the wall, put on the floor, and so on. D. The latter gave the popularity of these devices – not everyone is happy with the sound of built-in speakers on the TV, but also to buy a set of speakers is also not desirable. But soundbar just meet these requirements.

Scope of delivery – Razer Leviathan

Razer Leviathan comes in bulk packaging, which can be found inside the soundbar itself, power adapter with adapters, subwoofer, optical and analog cables, two pairs of removable legs and documentation.

Soundbar Razer Leviathan review

Inside, everything is almost hermetically, in specially designated places.

Encouraged by the presence of an optical cable manufacturer usually limited Unpretentious analog.

Appearance, build quality

Razer Leviathan made entirely of plastic – glossy and matte. Looks stylish elongated boom box, but it is not as pretentious as some of the manipulators.

This column will look great as near the monitor, as well as under the TV any design. The subwoofer is also made of plastic and has a tapered shape. Special design refinements can not boast, and it is not for what – still need to put the box on the floor.

Ergonomics – Razer Leviathan

The device is intended for use as a stand-alone acoustic set, as the sound system for home theater and a multimedia acoustics for personal computers. Dynamic emitters arranged so that the sound could be heard in the stereo and volume for this soundbar should be placed directly in front of the user.

Included provided two pairs of rubberized feet, through which the column can be set at four positions that it can direct the sound you.

Also, due to the tenacious basis legs, column splendidly, even on an incline. With seating Razer Leviathan problems at times less compared to similar-sounding multichannel acoustics.


On the back side of the soundbar only the most necessary – access to passive subwoofer, power connector, a digital optical input, analog 3.5mm input and service port (probably USB).

Output audio from the speakers wired possible by using the analog and digital inputs, which will be enough to head with all modern televisions and computers. The subwoofer has a built-in cable and OTS edenite it is not possible.

For wireless music, playback provides Bluetooth 4.0 with support for aptX for audio in high quality. And for a fast connection via Bluetooth has a module NFC, through which devices are connected in seconds.

Sound controls

Razer Leviathan hiding inside two full-range speaker for 2.5 “and two high by 0.74”. For the bass responds 5.25 “subwoofer. As a result, we see no multichannel not particularly have to take into account the connection with a complete stereo analog cable. But surround sound realized by as many as three technologies: Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Digital AC-3, Dolby Pro Logic II. In a nutshell, the latter turns into a virtual stereo sound 5.1.

Soundbar Razer Leviathan review

And it still works! When watching a movie John Wick on Blu-Ray, with the original audio track 7.1, the sound volume and really had had the impression that it came from all sides. The scene at the cemetery, when there is a downpour, simply mesmerizing – I want to look back and see if the rain did not start in the apartment. So actually, and any other movies, presence allows to plunge into the motion picture as a whole.

But I want to disappoint those viewers who used to watch movies, not the most legitimate resources. The vast majority of people are watching movies in translation from mutilated sound recognition. View similar film column for 100 UAH. in principle possible, but when it comes to good acoustics for home theater, you need to pay attention intently to the sound. Multi-channel virtual sound can be realized only if the audio track 5.1 and above.

Copes Razer Leviathan and music. To the level of Hi-Fi equipment, of course, this soundbar away, but the sound is extremely clean and balanced. To change the sound, there is a button to switch the equalizer that operates in three modes: games, movies, and music. Each preset correct response under different conditions – so in the gaming mode becomes more vivid the top, in the movie the softest sound with an emphasis on bottoms, and when the music sound more neutral mode.

Soundbar Razer Leviathan review

Managed by the soundbar via buttons with green backlight, which handed down from the top of the device. So controls allow you to change the input source, turn on Bluetooth, activate the surround sound Dolby, mute, change the equalizer and increase / decrease the volume. A little disappointed no remote control, it will force the viewer not just stand the c couch while watching to adjust certain parameters. But when used in conjunction with a PC recently it does not matter because the boom box is standing right in front of you.

Results – Razer Leviathan

Pervan pancake Razer came clearly not lumpy – Razer Leviathan was a good compact speaker system for home theater and computer. On the plus side, it is worth noting stylish appearance, balanced sound, versatility, and wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and NFC. The only drawback is, when used in tandem with a TV, is the lack of remote control. For the rest, we congratulate Razer company with a successful market entry soundbar.


+ Sound

+ Design

+ Versatility

+ Bluetooth, NFC

Did not like:

– No remote control

Source: RazerZone

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