Smartphone Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 review

Smartphone Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 review

Smartphone Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 review

At the end of last year, I wrote that if you need a really good smartphone with a large screen, it is necessary to take the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Even if there is no understanding – why do we need a stylus. If it is, then the Galaxy Note alternatives are simply not available. Those who for various reasons tends to save, recommended Galaxy Note 3, which for the year morally virtually obsolete, and is still very fast and pleasant in all respects device.

Counterfeits Galaxy Note sold quite a long time, but I would not recommend to consider them seriously. Prices, of course, cute. But also the quality and stability of (or rather, lack thereof) deprive the purchase of any meaning. Another thing – China factory. With its own brand and other attributes of solidity. Russia’s strategic partner for a long time inventing alternatives Note and achieved considerable success. But it seems that only in TCL, completely owning the brand Alcatel OneTouch, did a really cheap variation on the Galaxy Note, which is not contrary to enjoy.

Name this device Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2. Before take-off of the dollar it was planned to sell for 13-14 thousand rubles, and now the official price of 19 990. However, you can easily find and 18,000. Of course, Galaxy Note 4 this is not a competitor. But with Galaxy Note 3 brainchild TCL can compete, unless, of course, the user will show some leniency.

So, what we will be pleased for such a modest amount for these days?

The first step, of course, pay attention to the screen. Diagonal 6 inch, IPS-matrix average price category, the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Compared with the fellow in the Galaxy Note 3 picture less bright. And black is not quite black, but rather dark gray. But, thanks to the narrow framework, the device turned out not gigantic, and quietly fit in a pocket of jeans, of course, if you are not a fan of slinky models. On the big screen can be placed at once a lot of icons, watch movies, play – well you know yourself, why are needed. Despite the marked “budget” of the matrix, it is still of sufficient quality so as not to annoy the owner of a smartphone. And if you do not compare with the leader of a much higher price, so the screen and do good.

Powered smartphone on the 8-core SoC MTK MT6592 with a peak frequency of 2 GHz. As we know, at the core MediaTek not very powerful, so our hero shows the performance at the level of 4-core flagships of the past generation. In AnTuTu he knocked 31400 points. Do not record in these times, but it is enough for all. In the end, we buy smartphones not to from morning till night to drive them benchmarks.

Smartphone Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 review

There is a smartphone and support LTE Cat4 at speeds up to 150 Mbit / s. For mobile internet meets chip MT6290, which is only slightly inferior to the size of the SoC. Presumably, the old 28-nanometer process technology. On the other hand, in some versions of the Galaxy Note 3 do not support LTE, so that we will not quibble.

The amount of RAM 2 GB is enough. The volume of the on-board flash memory is 16 GB, of which the user is available 12. Very well. Also has a slot for memory cards up to 32 GB. The latter indicates that you do not want to pay extra Alcatel Microsoft for support cards larger volume, but the 32-gigabyte limit costs by using special formatting cards, recipes available on the Internet. However, my card to 64GB for some reason I read, without any tricks.

OneTouch Hero 2 camera pleasantly surprised. No, it does not eclipse the results of work of the best devices Samsung, Sony and Huawei, but what you get, it can be called photographs. 13-megapixel sensor with optical stabilization are not too picky about the lighting level, and software images are not pinched, resulting in a well-drawn, even the small details, like the branches on the trees. No, you do not throw out their budget SLR, but for the life of photographic camera features OneTouch Hero 2 is enough. Especially because the camera application starts very quickly, and you will not miss the most fun. Video, incidentally, is also removed good, even if you keep your smartphone at arm’s length (remember the optical stabilization). To shoot rock concerts can not recommend (microphones can not cope with meters peaking sound levels), but shoot for the house, for a family is quite possible.

The back cover Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 metal and, theoretically, molded smartphone. But in practice, the cap is removed quite easily even without special tools. Under it we were met at the 3100 mAh battery, which is enough for a day of battery life, from dawn to dusk. Expect more with the diagonal screen size and relatively old and SoC LTE-modem, alas, is not necessary. If all of a sudden climb inside (I would not recommend it), be careful with the train that goes on top of the battery. He’s not plugged in, but simply glued to the board, and if suddenly tear off – at home recover will be problematic. Generally, of course, the lower loop on glue – a controversial decision, but the glue is cheaper than plug and the device to us pretty budget. In general, e-filling looks neat, we met in a much larger disorder in devices with a significantly higher price.

Right on the back cover you will notice an unusual connection, so here it is to cover with OLED-screen (hold the chairs) mobile DJ mixers. As planned by the guys from TCL, DJ Hero 2 will buy from an expensive accessory and used as a professional tool. I have looked at this DJ course. But cheholchiki, judging by the photos on the web, it is quite nice.

Smartphone Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 review

Emphasizing musical essence Hero 2, the bundle includes headphones, earplugs JBL. But they are, as you might guess, pretty cheap, so can only compete with blank plugs that comes bundled with low-cost Chinese smartphones. But thanks anyway, that drew attention to this, in general, a trifle.

You may ask – why do we compare Hero 2 is a Galaxy Note, but simply Phablet, smartshetami, shades, of which a great many have done? Yes, because Hero 2 has a stylus. It is not as tightly integrated into the infrastructure of the unit, as in the Note, however, running the application PRO Notepad can take handwritten notes. Also there is handwriting recognition, and it works even with my rather clumsy handwriting. However, a couple of times the app suddenly took off, burying the entered text, but it’s the little things happen.

Straight from the Note smartphone has arrived and INDEX mode, when you can open on the screen at once two applications. Not very original, but with the screen diagonal useful.

Smartphone Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 review

You can also see some elements typical tuning interface from Alcatel, but in general this is the usual Android 4.4. Question – Will upgrade to Lollipop? – Largely rhetorical. May be, but in general, Chinese companies prefer to release new versions of the device, not dopilivat old.

In total

Chinese companies have long learned to make devices that are comparable in quality and capabilities of the products of famous brands. But the price for some reason is also comparable. When Chinese engineers become involved in the optimization of costs, together with the water often spills and child.

Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 hits the engineering wonders. But he made good, it has everything you need really. Even the stylus available.

Therefore, if you really want to touch the large forms, and on the Galaxy Note budget is not enough – take a look. For its price is very decent option.

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