Turntables Stanton T.55 USB review

Turntables Stanton T.55 USB review

Turntables Stanton T.55 USB review

Stanton T.55 USB – this, of course, a turntable. However, it is not designed to caress your evenings listening to their analog sound though it can. The design and characteristics of the device such that the most we can apply the term “workhorse.” So for what works for this player and how to better use?

First of all, it’s a DJ player, whose design is completely subordinated to the needs of the musical craft. Two Start / Stop buttons are suitable for both horizontal position player (club information technology), and vertical – performance scratching. Removable light in the darkness facilitates installation of the needle to the desired composition, but the lack of the lifter will require some skill in handling the tonearm. There is also no compensator Rolling force. But there are infinitely variable speed control in the range of ± 10% of nominal.

Drive with belt-driven drive is not heavy, rapidly accelerates and slows down rapidly. Mat under the plate quite slides on the disc, and the disc is easy to slip on the mat. For scratching good for stable playback – not really.

USB-port is also focused more on the DJ application than thoughtful digitize their own collections. ADC works with 16-bit at 44.1 and 48 kHz. Now fans of the “overtake” vinyl “figure” do it is usually in the format 24/192, but to make scratch and burn it to a computer, or “squeeze” the plate in an MP3 player to listen to, features built-in ADC is enough. The absence of the playback speed of 78 rev / min is also a consequence of the DJ-purpose player. But in the present set iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner – a program to improve the quality of cleaning and audio files.

We put on the Stanton T.55 USB single Dr. Dre Let me Ride. Recommended values of downforce for the bundled head Stanton 500.v3 lie in the range of 2 to 5 grams. The average value of 3.5 g was a reasonable compromise between clarity and bass. Dr. Dre was energetic and vigorous, but overall the sound does not suit us. Deciding to check the feeling we have put familiar rock classics – Deep Purple Burn. Drive is still present, but it seemed that the neck David Coverdale threw a noose and a slightly delayed. As a true master, he continued to sing, but obviously the last effort.

Turntables Stanton T.55 USB review

To get the pleasure of listening to vinyl records Stanton T.55 USB, we recommend doing as we did – use an external phono stage. From the editorial stock was selected for the appropriate price range and time-tested Pro-Ject Phono Box SE, which radically changed the sound of the player’s handwriting. Bass on Let me Ride Dr. Dre has become deep and well articulated, “air” was clearly more detailed sound increased, and emotional involvement forced us to listen to a single end. And Coverdale replaced stranglehold on lightweight scarf, not prevent him to sing, and to us – to enjoy the familiar strong vocals. Yes, Stanton T.55 USB – relatively inexpensive DJ turntable, and require him vociferous more advanced musical colleagues hardly worth it, but with their duties he copes very well.

Panel connectors and switches are deeply recessed into the body, making it difficult to manipulate with cable, but allows you to place the player closer to the wall. One of the switches (1) is responsible for selecting the signal at the output RCA– Phono / Line, the second (2) can completely disable the RCA-out, leaving only the USB-output (3).

Price: $ 310

Pros: Clever design, USB-output

Cons: Low ADC resolution, built-in phono stage – a weak link

Verdict: A good way to join the vinyl for the beginner DJ

Source: StantonDj

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