Last update brought Material Design elements in Google Play

Last update brought Material Design elements in Google Play

Last update brought Material Design elements in Google Play

Store Google Play At the conference, Google I / O Google has presented us with a new Material Design, which should appear in a future version of Android. It’s safe to say that this is the biggest change in the visual component of the operating system over the past few years. Although Android L should appear only in the fall, some elements Material Design already appeared in the updated store Google Play.

Application Google Play

Elements of the new design are available in an updated version of the application Google Play at number 4.9.13. In general, navigation and basic interface remains intact, but the main differences from earlier versions are covered in detail.

Significant changes have affected the application page. Content posted on the page now so that the user sees more useful information, and not boring gray background. Video posted to the application at the top of the screen, and when you click on it starts playing immediately on the screen. In addition, the icons of categories to which the application relates, became markedly more beautiful and informative. Also note that there was a beautiful animations when opening more information about the content.

In addition to application pages, new design pages received purchase music and movies. Now at the top of the screen shows a movie trailer or a big album cover. Also, now, to add content to Wishlist need to press a single button on the right of the header.

As we can see, Google gives us the opportunity to experience some of the elements Material Design now. And this can not but rejoice. After all, a new visual design Android operating system deserves attention, and do not want to wait for autumn to yourself to look at the design of Android L. As the resource androidauthority, Google Play application should update automatically in the next few days.

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