New update PCMark test suite 8 2.0


The company Futuremark announced the availability of an update for its test suite PCMark.

PCMark 8 2.0 update brought a number of new tests to determine the performance kits Home, Creative and Work. New tests relate to graphics, video editing, working with tables. New types of loads in a set of Work is now more fully reflect the use of a computer in a corporate environment. For users of version Professional Edition expanded set of options to test Storage, whereby professionals can more fully analyze the performance of storage devices. It is noted that the scores obtained in the previous version are not comparable with the scores in the new version. However, owners and Professional versions available Advanced Compatibility Mode Compatibility Mode. It allows you to run tests Home, Creative and Work of version 1.2.157 to allow comparison of results.

New version of PCMark 8 2.0 is available for download to interested users or through the developer’s site or through the service Steam . And, Steam updated automatically for owners of the previous version.

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