Arcam FMJ A39 review

Arcam FMJ A39 review

Arcam FMJ A39 review

This amp takes a middle position in High-End-line FMJ company Arcam. Externally it is very similar to their counterparts. Arcam FMJ A39 has a strict black case of steel and aluminum and clear display with adjustable brightness. Arcam FMJ A39 is not a stylish and effective as a competitor from Technics but knows his business. Let’s look at a new amplifier closer.

Arcam FMJ A39 have six linear outputs, one for MM-phono preamp, and two analog outputs. And also 3.5 mm input and the same diameter headphone on the front panel. Digital connections are not provided. But unlike other models of the test, there are two sets of terminals for connecting the speakers.

Features of the Arcam FMJ A39

Class G amplification technology migrated from the line of AV-receiver Arcam. It provides a powerful and ambitious sound, the body is not too hot. Power Arcam FMJ A39 is 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 240 watts entire 4 ohms, which will “shake” the most demanding speakers.

It is this power of nature lays the foundation for Arcam FMJ A39. This amplifier boasts an enviable spaciousness music scene. And the scale of its superior sound only Roksan K3. The throbbing bass line in the composition Kanye West Black Skinhead served very vigorously. But it remains under control, and the low mobility provides high accuracy and density.

Sound of the Arcam FMJ A39

Arcam FMJ A39 review

Arcam FMJ A39 is very balanced sound throughout the range, preserving the coherence and organization, even at high volume while not losing the softness and stability HF stereo.

But although the scope and credibility of Arcam FMJ A39 make a strong impression on the listener. The rhythmic talent he concedes Rega Elicit-R, which manages slightly more accurately draws attack and decay of each note. And also create a smoother sound than the Arcam.

The strong and powerful sound Arcam FMJ A39 is more suitable for large-scale works at high volume. While the quiet chamber and composition better and work out models Rega Roksan. Compared with the leaders of Arcam it seems somewhat more dispassionate. Finer nuances of vocal textures and tools. For example, when you hold the key piano or recreating the full depth of the guitar chords – outlined less noticeable than other amplifiers test. The sounds of the piano in the composition Memories (Someone We’ll Never Know) from the soundtrack to the film “Moon 2112” is not as voluminous as that of the strongest competitors. Therein lies the difference between good and excellent amplifiers, Arcam FMJ A39 and falls into the first category.

Arcam FMJ A39 review

However, the Arcam FMJ A39 a lot of objective merits. Especially for those who appreciates the scope and credibility of sound. Nevertheless, the Rega Elicit-R above refinement and attention to detail. A less expensive Roksan Arcam superior depth study of the details. To get the highest score in this category, Arcam FMJ A39 is necessary to develop a more nuanced approach to the music.

Rating: 4

Pros: Large music scene; scale and credibility; detail; tonal balance; stable stereo panorama; heavy bass

Minus: Lacks rhythm, meticulousness, and sensitivity

Conclusion of the Arcam FMJ A39

Arcam FMJ A39 is a powerful amplifier and a sound convincing, but manufacturers need to work on the refinement of the sound.

Source: Arcam

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