So nevertheless iPhone 5S or iPhone 6?


In the web no-no, and run into a debate about what would be called the next generation smartphones from Apple. Moreover, the arguments of both sides seem to be very convincing. And if you care to name the autumn trends – let us reason together on this topic.

The historical argument
For, as some believe, concrete argument we often hear the argument that if you look at the past, then there is a clear trend in the name of smart phones, they say, have a look: iPhone 3G – iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 – iPhone 4S. In this case, as a matter of course in such an argument – this is the first model to lower iPhone. First, it does not fit in this sequence, and second, well, who’s going to pay attention to the very first machine, he’s like the first pancake – always lumpy. However, this does not mean that the new iPhone will not receive a fair the letter «S», but if it happens, it is not exactly because Apple only think about how to alternate the name of the models based on the fact that “well we’re already used to doing. “

Semantic argument
Go ahead. Let us remember that, in general, this is the letter «S»? Beating another small nail in the historical argument, let us remember that, depending on the model – completely different. In the first case, when it came to 3GS, the letter «S» means the rate (speed), and in the case of the iPhone 4S it was already a Siri. Although official confirmation from Apple so no one took, but these versions seem to be more plausible. What could mean the letter «S» in the iPhone 5S ? Anything (if the name is). If you unleash the imagination, that such Scanner ( fingerprint scanner ), who is rumored to be in it will certainly appear.

The logical argument
However, let’s look at the name of the smartphone on the other side and remember that Apple changes the number in the title only when changing the design and materials of the device. Here, we run the risk of falling into the trap of historical argument, but if you reformulate the idea that changing the numbers in the title carries a serious change of appearance (a major upgrade of the phone), you can make the assumption that the iPhone 6 in the near future we do not see. There are several reasons. First, to produce and maintain the release of yet another form factor for Apple would be pretty difficult. Not so much for Apple, but for the factories that manufacture smartphones at their request. Incredibly popular and up-iPhone 5, iPhone 4S legendary and timeless “four” is still selling well. Of course, when you start a brand new iPhone Apple may be removed from the sales of the iPhone 4, but in fact it will not change anything, because iPhone 4S is still in great demand due to the excellent quality-price index.
Second, the release of a brand new iPhone would mean defeat for the iPhone 5 which is excellent sale and will be sold for at least another year. With the launch of a new model of Apple’s own hand to bury the iPhone 5. Those who want to move from older models will certainly choose a new iPhone 6 (or as it may be called there), and the owners of the iPhone 5, most of them will feel somewhat left out, because time to enjoy a truly new iPhone, which went for nothing at all.

And in the end
The result, in my opinion, is very, very simple. We will see a new iPhone, which we will present in person from the scene, Tim Cook. After listing the crazy numbers of iPhone 5 and check in us confidence in the fact that Apple makes the best products in the whole world we will show the exact same iPhone, as the iPhone 5. With the improved camera, longer battery life, improved processor and memory, and certainly some “killer-fichey” that is not available for other models. Under all that Cook will draw a line in the spirit of the “most perfect smartphone is now even more perfect,” and the crowd of fans will be standing all night to become their first owners, the company will write the haters that Apple can no longer surprise anyone and is blown away in front and the debate about how the next model will be called priutihnut that way for nine months.

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