New Headphones 2015: Marshall Major II review

New Headphones 2015: Marshall Major II review

The new headphones 2015 first generation Marshall Major headphones gained considerable popularity among music lovers. The latter contributed to the good sound, excellent appearance, and a successful ergonomics. And the manufacturer introduced the second generation of “C”, which promised pumped sound, appearance, reliability and updated speakers that are capable of delivering a deep and rich sound.

Packaging is decorated in a typical style of the company. It looks nice and gives a warm tube sound. In the form of cardboard are folded inside the new headphones 2015 and a detachable cable, a cardboard documentation. From the removed adapter kit with 3.5mm jack of 6.3 mm.

Design, quality materials

As part of the appearance of the new headphones 2015 Major II are not far removed from the first generation, we have almost a copy of his older brother. Changed little clips bowls became a removable cable with L-shaped plug. The rest of us to the same headset that can be recommended to people who want a stylish accessory.

Among the materials is dominated by different types of leatherette and plastic, but there was a place bowls fixtures metal.

New Headphones 2015: Marshall Major II review

Removable cable looks impressive and has a section that is designed as a telephone cord – for those times when you need longer than 1.2 m.

The plug for connecting to an audio device, and an L-shaped gold-plated, and by direct connection to a headset.

As part of the assembly have no complaints, but the design is very puny, and height adjustment bowls may eventually start to slip.

Ergonomics of the new headphones 2015

Marshall Major II, thanks to its minimum size, well suited for listening to music on the street and in the room. The first time the cup a little press on the ears, but after a couple of days, the discomfort disappears. Ear pads and headband soft and comfortable.

Foldable design that will be valuable during transportation, it is a pity that there is the complete cover. Cable optimum size for both street and indoor and the latter can always be changed to any other.

There is an additional connector mini Jack 3,5 mm in the right bowl for connecting optional headphones, allowing listen to two pairs of headphones from a single device.

Provides remote control with microphone, with which you can handle calls and play.


On the back of the package shows the frequency response of new headphones 2015, and this is one of those cases where the producer only slightly embellishes, but otherwise all right.

At high frequencies, “not a fountain” – bells, cymbals, and drum violin are clearly not for the other major – but with low and middle business better. Total taste of the sound slightly lovers of classic rock. Detailing on a good level, the scene at C grade. Soundproofing amiss for not very noisy places, the subway or public transportation make the headphones regain a part of any tools.

New Headphones 2015: Marshall Major II review

Note that the resistance of 64 ohms provides is not the largest stock volume when using smartphones. Putting everything together, then for his $ 100 is a good option, but there are headphones that play better.

Liked new headphones 2015:

+ Appearance;

+ The quality of materials;

+ Removable cable;

+ Ability to connect optional headphones;

+ Study of low and medium frequencies;

+ Remote Control.

Did not like new headphones 2015:

– For $ 100 you expect a better sound.

Source: marshallheadphones, cnet

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