iPhone 5S in the gold version “lit up” on the Web [photo]


According to rumors on the web, Apple may release the iPhone 5S in three different colors. What will be the new color that will add to the traditional “apple” communicators black and white options , Now appears to be known. According to the blog Phonearena, the third version of Apple’s smartphone can be painted in a gold color.

In support of his words published a picture of the source of iPhone 5S in the gold version. In the picture is said to have captured the new Apple phone next to the iPhone 5. Based on it, the new model will be the same design as the current top-end version, but in a palette of colors can be added to smartphones gold version.

Previously, we could see the gold slot for SIM-card and the volume buttons and the power button and turn off the sound. According to the submitted photos, all the components for the iPhone 5S are the same, only the color has changed.


Rumors about the appearance of multi-colored iPhone exaggerated in the press since the end of 2012. If they are confirmed, this step will go contrary to the rules of Apple. Of all his gadgets Cupertino manufacturer produces a different color scheme just iPod. And the players have started to touch available in different colors – silver, black, blue, yellow and red – only the fifth generation.

According to some, in several colors (white, pink, black, blue and orange) will also budget smartphone Apple. Of course, the information about the iPhone Lite, as well as about three colors iPhone 5S, has not officially confirmed.

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