Livescribe 3 – “smart pen” to digitize your notes

Livescribe company prepared a new “smart pen» Livescribe 3, which got deeper integration with mobile devices.

This device allows you to digitize handwritten text or drawings. To do this, the user only has to write or draw as usual, but instead of the standard ball-point pen or pencil to use Livescribe 3. Novelty can be connected to mobile devices based on iOS via Bluetooth wireless technology with applications Livescribe+. With it you can record notes (both written and voice), to manage them. It also supports the ability to send notes to various applications and services. The device has battery that provides up to 14 hours of battery life.

“Smart Pen» Livescribe 3 is already available on the market. The basic version includes the supply of the very pen, ink cartridge, charging cable and notebook Starter Notebook 50 sheets. The price of this kit is $ 150. Kit Pro Edition instead Starter Notebook offers the user a notebook with leather cover and a 100-sheet one-year subscription to the service Evernote Premium. In this case, the price is $ 200.

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