[Concept] iPhone 6 as evolutionary change iPhone 5s

You can think long about how it will look new iPhone, but you can slow down and assume that Apple is not empty at all serious, and the next generation gadget unique design does not get it. On the basis of this assumption underpinning the work of Alex Casadei. Industrial designer posted a net concept iPhone 6, which is painfully similar to the iPhone 5s , although it has its own features.

For example, a hypothetical gadget “endowed” 4.7-inch display, processor Apple A8 (in the video it certainly did not see), and the plate thickness of only 5.5 mm, and the lack of edges on the sides of the screen.

And, you know, the concept looks rustic, not amazing personality, but it seems plausible. There is no explicit rejection as something we have already seen.

By the way, according to recent information disseminated DisplaySearch, the next generation iPhone could actually get a 4.7-inch display.

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