Samsung: Advertising war against Apple has allowed us to change the course of things

Samsung had a good laugh after the release of the Apple smartphone Galaxy S3 last year. Since then, it has become a tradition of the Korean manufacturer, which is particularly diligent mocks rival on the eve of the release of new products. Representatives from Samsung said that the advertising war against the manufacturer of iPhone has brought a positive effect.

The campaign against Apple, under which a number of promotional videos, called «Next Big Thing is Already Here». In an interview with Ad News marketing director of the Australian branch Samsung Arno Lenier calls the story “a turning point”, “will allow the company to change the order of things.”

The campaign was a turning point for us in the broadest sense. We decided on a daring deed. But if you think so, we were able to change the usual course of things.

This campaign has allowed us to make big changes. The most important thing, from my point of view is that while some of these movies is not just about the ideal advertising, we get people talking about us. I like that the most.

First we heard “you can not present things in this way,” but then fans of Samsung said “yes, you can” and people discuss it, which is really cool. From this point of view, this campaign has brought us a great favor, as globally, and here in Australia. 

In one of his last movies, recall, Samsung has demonstrated the superiority of its flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 and called for iPhone users to switch to your device.

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