LG TV 55EC930V review: A look at a new angle OLED

TV LG 55EC930V review: A look at a new angle OLED

LG TV 55EC930V review: A look at a new angle OLED

As mentioned in the famous film, a civil war: plasma died, and new technologies are fighting for a place under the sun. The format of Ultra High Definition (or 4K) is great, but the prospects of its distribution while vague. OLED technology for many years was beyond the capabilities of the average buyer, but now it is available to mere mortals.

No one knows how the future will look like television. Maybe next year we are waiting for the influx of content UHD, and perhaps not. One thing we know for sure: today more than 99% of video is presented in Full HD or SD. In their framework, we totally fascinated LG 55EC930V.

How much can change in a year! Previous OLED-TV LG was worth $ 12 000. Let us first recall what it is.

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is translated as “organic light-emitting diode.” This panel of pixels that can shine alone without light, such as in LCD panels. Cut pixel becomes completely black; This allows for a greater depth of black color than that of plasma TV, while maintaining vigorous brightness inherent LCD.

LG approach is to add a fourth, the white subpixel to the usual group of RGB (red, green, blue), which should improve the accuracy and breadth of colors palette.

In practice, the picture is just wonderful. Promised absolutely black – no exaggeration when the screen is black picture, you would think that the TV is turned off. On large can not even dream of. This is a significant advantage over LCD OLED technology.

LG TV 55EC930V review: A look at a new angle OLED

Vibrant scene at least good. LG skillfully conveys all the luxuries of colorful films as “Guardians of the Galaxy” on Blu-ray-drive. Colors – bright and vibrant, but not oversaturated.

Impressive and contrast. Dynamic image easily combines light and dark objects. Be careful to the level of brightness OLED-Display: if it is too high, the texture and detail of bright objects falling. We are quite satisfied its level of 70%.

Unlike plasma TV screen is almost no noise, the picture is very clear. Contours precise, high detail, but not enough to bother my eyes. It is worth noting outstanding image accuracy. The light areas on a dark background (eg, yellow letters on a black field) are reproduced accurately, without the halo effect.

The transfer of motion is also not satisfactory. Immediately after unpacking processing mode «Trumotion» is too zealous; even the most delicate level of customization «Clear» gives the picture a serial effect, turning the film “The Avengers” in the episode “Coronation Street”. But if you disable the processing, the picture is slightly trembling. It is best to enter the menu and manual settings to add one or two points parameters «De-blur» and «De-judder».

For fans of 3D we have great news. New LG is great in all respects. Passive 3D technology provides a pleasant flicker-free picture. Colors stay bright even with some staining of points. Picture a little lacking fusion and depth, but it is enjoyable and exciting.

Includes four pairs of glasses – or rather, two pairs of 3D-glasses and two pairs of pads that can be attached to conventional. Perfect solution!

Quality feed content from a DVD is not satisfactory. Fall definition is inevitable, but the contrast is high. Processing in essential telecasts seems a little excessive, but it depends on the particular channel.

The overall sound is quite good, though inferior image quality. We like it rarely have flat-panel TVs, and LG is no exception: it is not too soft and weighty sound, but for television viewing is quite suitable for the movie, we recommend that you purchase a set of speakers or soundbar.

LG TV 55EC930V review: A look at a new angle OLED

Now let’s talk about the curves lines. This curved screen TV. The essence of this approach, we are not entirely clear. Some say about ergonomics for the eyes, but we are not sure that it works. Some of us have an image of this TV seems more natural; it has a special depth, forming additional volume without 3D-glasses. Another curvature of the screen seems unfortunate misunderstanding. It is so small that the effect is barely noticeable; only when viewed from the side image seems a little strange – it is not narrowed evenly on a flat screen. The curvature is so small that even the TV can be hung on the wall.

The best position for viewing – right in the center, although it is not equivalent to “step right, step left – shot”: the viewer can move freely in some reasonable limits, and only the displacement degrees at 35 from the center of the picture appear in visible distortion.

The remaining parameters TV is also at altitude. Frame had exceptionally narrow, and the screen is unusually thin. From under the TV looks simple metal stand.

LG TV 55EC930V review: A look at a new angle OLED

Simple remote control has a familiar “tabular” layout, and “smart” control too curved

OLED technology is not entirely new; In 2007, we tested the 11-inch OLED-screen cost about $ 5,000. However, it has developed rapidly and today is found in smartphones, as well as, of course, television. It has a number of advantages and front LCD and plasma TV before. In LCD TVs are often marked unevenness of illumination and even light leakage. Plasma panels are composed of cells with a heated gas; have to put up with increasing energy consumption and weight of the TV, as well as low precision. Pixel lit OLED-TVs do not need light and gas, but they are difficult to manufacture. Percentage of rejects during production OLED-panels are much higher than in the case of LCD.

It looks much more elegant than the wavy perspex stand, as in the previous model LG. There are many TV connections: four HDMI 1.4, three ports USB 2.0, optical output, headphone port adapter for legacy connector (SCART, Composite, Component). In addition to Ethernet is also available Wi-Fi.

The kit includes two remote control: standard push button and funny «Magic Remote» rounded shape. Its built-in gyroscopes, reading your movements to control a cursor on the screen.

LG TV 55EC930V review: A look at a new angle OLED

The best way to navigate through the menu – function “point-and-choose” available through WebOS – excellent “smart” platform, LG, you can easily manage the inputs and applications. Switching power is as simple as channels; it is very convenient to operate.

Selection of applications is quite good, though not quite complete. It has a popular services – BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Now TV and YouTube – but there 4oD and ITV Player. All sources appear as a pop-up position in the «Launcher». Select the desired or remove all and continue browsing; no “home screens” is not here.

LG 55EC930V not support 4K; But do not reject it for that reason. Content in this format today is very small, and there is no hint of when it will be more. So we do not recommend waiting for: stylish and talented OLED-TV LG could be yours today – and at a very attractive price. If you are serious about that look, you should think about it.

  • Price: $ 2,600
  • Rating: 5
  • PROS: This black; energetic colors; rare purity; rounded screen
  • CONS: The sound is not perfect; rounded screen
  • VERDICT: OLED-TV are available – and they are gorgeous

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