Compact ELAC alien sentiment. Overview Speakers ELAC FS-407

With the apparent similarity between the outer and familial recognition ELAC speakers nevertheless endowed with a mass of distinctive features that the buyer, in a vast range of companies to find a model to suit every taste and budget. In addition, its engineers do not interrupt the process of improving the AU and periodically update the product line.

Thus, the newly developed 400-series premiered brand ribbon tweeter fifth generation – JET 5. Along with the upgraded and simplified crossover he promises higher resolution in the high-frequency range, and a new midrange / woofer with a larger area of ​​”crystalline” membrane – that and the sound of the other parts of the spectrum will correspond to it.

ELAC FS-407 – second, less overall (H × W × H: 103 × 26 × 31 cm) Napolnikov ruler, and the view they are discreet and compact. In addition to the black matte finish, as in the photo, you can offer black and white lacquer or walnut veneer and lacquered tobacco color. She and workmanship, is to be commended. Speakers 2.5-Way, Vented with the port opening to a lower bound of the body raised on metal legs on the pedestal.

The package includes only the cloth grilles in the magnetic latches, metal, that have improved many aspects of the sound of other models AC ELAC, no. They, in this case, and there is no need – FS-407 differ excellent integration of all frequency ranges, tonal balance, perfect focus and the ability to form a correct and extensive music scene. That is the scale of the space, along with the power of sound and seem to be most prominent features of these small speakers sound – somehow can not believe that they can that be under force. Lots of bass, but for reliable control of bass amplifier is required, it is able to provide. In addition, the system should emphasize the high frequency – and speakers let you enjoy the subtle modulations of harps in the fifth track CD A. Netrebko. Opera Arias. Vocals also passed perfectly: the easy, elegant, with all the nuances of brilliant coloratura, and on the highest volume. With its ELAC handle these differences without a problem, but a little lacking in the dynamics of variability that affects the emotional fulfillment.

In columns good at playing the music of different genres: they play a whole and smoothly, exciting, but without much enthusiasm – to tears in his eyes, although their price is already at such displays of affection could have hoped for. But not all the same cry – with CD Tom Jones & Jools Holland you get a lot of pleasure from elastic bass rhythms, and the ability to articulate vocal artist look with a smile on the saddest, as in the song St. James’ Infirmary Blues.

Price: $ 5550

Pros: Very large-scale, coherent and precise sound, deep bass, excellent focus, dynamic range, the correct scene, appearance and workmanship

Cons: A bit lacking in emotion, require the selection of partners

Verdict: For those who value their living space and loves loud music with impressive bass

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