Apple A7 chip made Samsung, and M7 – NXP work

The company Chipworks has analyzed SoC Apple A7 and confirmed rumors that the chip is released Samsung. Previously, we reported that Apple intends to refuse the services of Samsung’s chips in favor of TSMC , but, according to Electronista, this happens only at the end of 2014. A7 processor is still being studied by experts Chipworks, and they are not reliably detect your manufacturing process, although analysts believe that the Korean company has used the 28 nm process technology. The same is used for SoC Exynos, installed in Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

Recall that a system-on-a-chip used in Apple A7 iPhone 5s , and currently is one of the most productive mobile solutions on the market.

In addition, it was reported that Apple M7 coprocessor is manufactured by NXP. It collects data from an electronic compass, gyroscope and accelerometer. By the way, the last two components produces for Apple STMicroelectronics, and is responsible for the magnetometer Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM), experts believe Chipworks.

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