Review of Home Theater LG BH9530TW

It is not that home theaters lost the battle for the favor of consumers. Like wise the conquerors, they just absorbed the competing entertainment technologies, offering the buyer besides the usual movie sources network and multimedia features.

Nine-grain LG BH9530TW really knows how much. The player plays all current optical disc standards, including 3D. However, the collection drive, you can safely send to the warehouse safekeeping household trash, pre-copying it to the hard drive: BH9530TW plays the files that you will agree, is much more convenient. By the way, music fans will not be offended: flac format support will listen to a compressed lossless music.

The design and scope of delivery

LG BH9530TW – home theater from one (large) box. The set you get everything you need: a pair of front and rear speakers with built in speakers vertical channel, subwoofer and center channel speaker, the actual system unit with the player and amplifiers, as well as additional power to the receiver and amplifier for the surround channels, plus cables and remote control .

The front, rear and vertical channels are identical, which allows for seamless sound field without additional tweaks. Each column pair midrange cone with Aramid fiber and high-domed head. The vertical channel is represented by a single speaker (directional diffuser up), he has his own camera.

Speakers can be mounted on a plastic stand (supplied) or hung on the wall (only one screw each). Inside the rack is the channel for the cables, so that they can accurately place is along the wall.

At center speaker size midrange little less. Provides a setting for the TV stand (tiny foot slope gives up a few degrees) and wall placement (hanging by two screws). subwoofer. It is designed for bass reflex technology, the speaker on the front pipe – on the rear.

Material of cases of columns – plastic, Subwoofer – DSP. Glossy and matte finish, tweeters in the front and rear channels are framed inserts “under the brushed metal.”

Complete system looks stylish and will fit into almost any interior room (although some may interfere with the classics or Empire style). Elegant narrow columns seem to dissolve into space without pulling eye. unit to measure subtle (but still comfortably fit connectors). Its upper panel is separated plastic “brushed under the metal”, respectively, will not only look good on the shelf, but also on the top.

On its rear panel output and two inputs HDMI 1.4, analog and digital (optical) audiovody, LAN port, RJ-45. The HDMI output is working at the reception the sound from the TV (SIMPLINK), if your TV supports this feature, then you can watch TV programs with enhanced quality (and treated if desired) soundtrack.

Loading discs – slot. On the case there is no pens and other “analog” controls. The touch display on the front panel of the matrix, with a nice green glow.

Cables with special connectors. On the one hand it is good – it is simply impossible to reverse the polarity on the other – not so as to extend yourself / shorten the cable without soldering is impossible. Round conductors, twisted thin wire diameter – about a millimeter. Isolation transparent cable to a single column and may be flat without problems discreetly placed under a carpet.

Pull the pipe from “TV” to the wall “Divan” is needed: the sound to the rear channels is transmitted over the air, but need more power socket to power the unit receiver / amplifier that is easy to hide behind the sofa.

Remote control black. Buttons on it is really a lot, the location – thought out: frequently used adjustments can be made with one hand.

Quality cinema

After placing the speakers in your room you need to set the volume level to ensure uniform sound field in the listening position. Phase can not be confused by the structure of connectors: change the polarity just will not work. Includes microphone is not available, and not to make a mistake, it is better to download SPL meter for a smart phone or tablet (sometimes referred to as the developers of the program gauges its noise). Accuracy is enough.

Through the menu, you can adjust the volume considerably. You must also set the distance – to ensure proper delay.

Thus, the system is installed, configured and ready to work. Where do we start? Optical drives? Loading, language, viewing – as usual. The decoder understands modern audio formats: Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio

Let’s see the movie “Gladiator.” It is replete with vivid sound pictures and excellent shot. Just in the first battle BH9530TW throws the viewer into the center of events. The clash of swords, arrows whistling breath and terrible enemies: home theater room filling sound. Power enough for the living room, but if the area is more than 30 meters, the effect is not as strong.

The Roman Coliseum – a place where the amusement of the audience were dying gladiators. Grand structure. Vertical channels are very useful – the camera on the scene, many meters extend up the podium on which the raging crowd. The reflected sound from the ceiling of good passes this tense atmosphere.

And yet it is a cinema of the box: the system of separate components (but with much higher price tag) will give a more convincing picture: the subwoofer does not have enough attack speed, and the small speaker cones do not reach the bottom middle.

Put some comedy film, and you’ll be completely absorbed by the ups and downs of the plot: the surround sound is not an end in itself, but only a means of expression, and one of many in the arsenal of the director.

The music at the LG BH9530TW also have genre preferences: light theater genres are easy and fun, but the academic orchestra (especially at high volume) – contraindicated.

Additional Features

Much more interesting to do – study of communication and multimedia capabilities.

At LG BH9530TW two USB-connector. The one under the hood on the front panel provides power – current up to 2.1 A – external hard drives. On the rear panel of another, he has the possibility of more modest – only 300 mA. The optimal strategy of connection – no additional power supply pockets – to the connector on the front panel and fixed, with its own power supply – to the connector on the rear.

BH9530TW supports drives up to 2 TB, formatted as NTFS. Played three types of content – video, music and photos (or pictures). They are sorted by the three relevant sections of the menu – if the folder “disappeared” in the content, then you’re trying to play the movie as a song.

Try all options of containers / codecs / settings within the preparation of the article, of course, impossible. Therefore, before buying please be samples of material, which is planning to watch / listen to, and in the store, make sure that the files are played properly.

Player reproduced the test material – MKV-file with DTS-track, a copy of the DVD, created on the computer of the captured DV-cam home video (and as a folder VIDEO_TS), and MOV-rollers plasheta and MTS-videos from a digital mirrorless camera ( AVCHD c bitrate of 22 Mbps). FLAC-copy of the album was also played without problems, as well as JPEG-files. you store the selected entry from your music collection on your iPod, you’ll appreciate the ability to listen through BH9530TW. When connected to the USB-port on the front panel of the device will be automatically detected and audio data (not only music, but also audio books and podcasts) will be available for playback. With the remote control is convenient to find the desired track / album: is sorting by artist, genre, song, etc. As a bonus iPod is charging.

LG BH9530TW can play video content from Internet legal several ways. One of them – the service Premium. Its content depends on what country you choose in the settings of the device. At the time of testing for Ukraine were available eight providers, including – YouTube and The manual states that the list is subject to change.

To easily search for videos on YouTube is supported by a bunch of the tablet or smartphone. It’s enough to go through the authorization process and elemental found on the mobile device content will appear on the home theater.

As befits a modern home theater, LG BH9530TW equipped with the Smart TV, which is very useful to owners of ordinary projectors and televisions. To install applications available 500 MB.

One of the features Smart TV – access to the Internet. In BH9530TW full browser that supports Flash 10/HTML 5 and switch encodings. For ease of navigation to the device via USB, you can connect a mouse and keyboard: no longer need to wander around the onscreen keyboard, moving the active area of ​​the remote control.

Do you want to control the Smart TV without getting up from your favorite couch? No problem, just buy a set of wireless keyboard / mouse or keyboard with integrated touchpad, as long as the receiver has been designed to operate from USB. Compatible models is best to check before paying.

Smartphone / tablet can be used as a remote control (the device must be connected to the same network), but it is now common practice. Much more interesting additional functionality.

Preview screen mobile device is transmitted wirelessly to BH9530TW and accordingly on a large screen. The technology is called Miracast, it allows the entire family / friends to watch the game and see what happens with any Android-applications.

Another useful application – broadcasting to movie soundtracks (or other playable on BH9530TW records) in a smartphone. Private Sound allows you to watch movies without disturbing the household, because the soundtrack will be heard only in the headphones mobile device.

LG BH9530TW able to work as a Bluetooth-receiver. Home theater plays music from any device that can transmit sound via Bluetooth.

It has a built-BH9530TW FM-receiver, so that your favorite stations will disclose its potential: the sound from any source can be multi-channel.

If you love to sing, LG BH9530TW happy to be an accompanist. Thanks to the “Karaoke” and a pair of mic jacks under a cover on the front panel, you can organize a great house concert. The system is able to evaluate the vocal achievements and promotes the best sound fanfare.

As a result

So what’s the verdict? For a small fee you get a full range of home entertainment – a universal optical disc player with 3D support and enhance the function of the resolution to Ultra HD 2160p (for growth), network (local, Internet, Bluetooth) player, full means to access the Internet (provided keyboard and mouse), as well as multi-channel amplifier with a decoder and a set of speakers. All these conveniently manage the economy, especially from a smartphone or tablet. It does not take up much space and looks good. Yes, it’s a home theater out of the box and he does not claim the laurels of Hi-End. But the film is able to show, to sound a little party, add pepper games on the big screen. Networking opportunities – another plus. If you are not a fan of kinozvuka and are willing to spend on a system of no more than $860, the LG BH9530TW will be a perfect purchase.

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