Review of the smartphone HTC Desire EYE - falcon eye

Review of the smartphone HTC Desire EYE – falcon eye

Review of the smartphone HTC Desire EYE - falcon eye

We look at the smartphone HTC Desire EYE, which has a top-end performance, attractive design, as well as 13 megapixel front camera with flash.

In November 2014, HTC held a presentation of its flagship smartphone in a line of Desire. EYE his name is no accident – if you look at the front panel, you will notice a big sharp eye in the form of 13 megapixel front camera. Rich review photo smartphone supported by a special software called EYE Experience. The good news is that this is not only a middling one classroom killerfichey and quality unit with top performance and nice appearance.


Stylish, trendy, youth. You will not find strict lines and classic colors. Color combinations that are available in the EYE – blue and cyan, and red and white. The last option looks just bombezno. A nice bonus to a lovely appearance – moisture and dust protection standard IPX7, which allows you to immerse your smartphone into the water to a depth of 1 m to 30 minutes. At the same time, all the necessary connectors are always open.

On the front panel at the top of the chamber and in addition to the double flare is a microphone for video recording as well as light sensors and proximity. Not be immediately noticed, but between two bright accents the top and bottom placed HTC stereo speakers. In EYE did not change their standard accommodation despite the large eye of the camera. The sound is excellent, volume, loud and juicy. The only drawback may be called what speakers are slightly lower frames on the front panel, so expect that they will collect dust.

Review of the smartphone HTC Desire EYE - falcon eye

The left side of the unit are connectors for nano-SIM card and a card microSD, supports up to 128 GB. On the right side at the bottom is a hardware camera button, it was a sin not to install such devices PhotoChances. At the level of the finger is the lock button. Yes, you read that right, lock button in the smartphone HTC is at your finger, it happens. It is located just above the volume rocker.

At the top end can be found only a headphone jack, and the bottom – microUSB-input for charging and Elementary microphone. The back cover is made of plastic, smooth, practical and comfortable. In the left corner is located another 13 megapixel camera with dual flash, near the microphone. Centered applied logo HTC, and at the bottom the service information.

Assembling the smartphone is not perfect, but most likely it is a problem of a separate sample in my machine from time to time you can stumble upon a small crunching, but overall smartphone shot down tightly.


HTC smartphones are not the most compact on the market, it is true, but to accuse the company in a futile use of space is unlikely to succeed. Desire EYE more than the flagship One M8, even more than the 5.5 “LG G3, but it has its own reasons. I do not know how strange it sounds, but it such dimensions “to face.” He very generously proportioned and rounded sides, so it lies in the hand perfectly.


Review of the smartphone HTC Desire EYE - falcon eye

Large and high-quality display. HTC maintains its reputation by releasing smartphones with some of the best screens on the market. The picture on the Desire EYE bold, crisp, colors are on top. The viewing angles are the widest in what direction do not tilt the smartphone, the image is not distorted. All well and with a margin of brightness, it is enough. Oleophobic coating pleased with its quality prints are not going very intense and easily erased.


The phone is very fast, top iron shell and the latest version of Sense doing their job well. All elements of the system, application etc. open immediately and very smoothly. Use the phone as fast a lot of fun. In the games, too, everything is fine, they go to the mid / high graphics settings and with excellent performance, and the smartphone is heated only slightly.

The capacity of the non-removable battery does not allow to set a record of autonomy, but even with a battery HTC Desire EYE gives good results. With daily use with browsing, reading, socializing and, of course, the creation of many self, smartphone enough for about a day. Hours screen in this mode may be about 3 hours. The fact is that in our sample have a small problem with autonomy, so while working in the retail version should be a little bit more.

To save battery at a critical moment in the present EYE gentlemanly set of two power saving modes. First disables background data and Haptic feedback, and also reduces power consumption processor and the screen brightness. Second, desperate disables almost all, leaving you with the five most essential apps – Phone, Messages, Mail, calendar, calculator and clock.


Camera – this is the main feature of this model. In order to emphasize the importance of PhotoChances device placed on the right side separate the start button and the camera application for creating photo. The main rear camera takes very good pictures in daylight. The overall picture in the photo is impressive for its color and saturation. Very well on this camera are obtained macrophotography. At night, the camera captures the light is good, but the final result comes out slightly palely. Everything else, in low light is easy to lubricate the picture even with a small movement.

Examples of the photo on the back of the camera

Review of the smartphone HTC Desire EYE - falcon eye

Giant keen eye front has the same characteristics as the “colleague” back. What can I say, this is one of the best frontalok in my practice. I think that for all the testing I’ve done more self than in my entire life. When you have at hand a quality machine, you want to do it more often.

The camera has a wide viewing angle, with room light shots often turns out well, at least excellent. Sometimes photos come too contrasting and noisy. At night, the camera also showed good results with little noise. If you turn on the flash, then all will be beauty. The only flaw is from this very long range flash. When you make a photo of a loved one only, all perfectly clear, but when you start to do selfi now, the person who holds the smartphone will bask in the glory of the flash, and other friends standing together in the shade.


Camera app simple and easy to manage, but at the same time has more features, which, incidentally, has become even more after the recent update titled EYE Experience.

The application has a lot of shooting modes, such as HDR, night shot, close-up, etc. There is a mode full manual photo settings, where it is possible to expose not only the usual parameters such as iso and white balance, but also to adjust the focus and set the shutter speed.

To create pictures using the front camera to the EYE present the largest range of options, which I saw on the phones. Then you and the HDR, and Night Scene, there is even a fully manual mode. For those who always have to look at 100%, it is possible to retouch the face in real time. Unique mode can be called HD-lapse shooting at the front camera, such I never met in any smartphone. C upgrade EYE Experience not even need to touch the smartphone to take a picture, it is enough to say “shoot” or just smile and the camera takes the picture itself.

Review of the smartphone HTC Desire EYE - falcon eye

In the present application mode “dual camera”, which allows you to take photos and videos directly on the two 13-megapixel camera. There was a regime “Photo Kiosk”, which allows you to create fun collages with your self.

The software component of HTC smartphones one of the best on the market. In EYE installed the latest version of the shell Sense, which boasts a beautiful, designed in the same style interface, high speed and smoothness. The system itself and all third-party applications to be expected are stable. To learn more about the shell recommend to look into the Software section in the review HTC One M8.


HTC Desire EYE turned out good, almost all the time, this smart phone is very good. His original design, high-quality display, smart performance and hell, 13 megapixel front camera with flash. Thus EYE cheaper flagship One M8.

The first thing that I did not like, is autonomy. Yes, I wrote that it was a test model and there may be problems with running time, but be that as it may, what’s that worth selling version of the battery capacity of 2400 mAh. With such performance records of autonomy to put difficult. The second point, which upset – it results that gives the camera at night. The smartphone, which made such a big emphasis on the review photo, accounts for almost hold my breath so as not to lubricate the picture in low light. As an option – use minishtativ, good choice of great and the prices are adequate.

In all other HTC Desire EYE awesome and it can be safely advise buying. However, if you do not hurry up and feel free financially, then I would recommend to wait until March 1 – on this day will update HTC flagship smartphone One. Maybe he’ll have more to their liking.

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