Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

Impression ImSMART S471 review: “smart credit card!”

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

Smartphone Impression ImSMART S471 review with a thick body a little more than 7 mm, 4-core processor, HD LCD monitor with IPS -matrix in the basis, plus Android 4.3 “out of the box” and, of course, support for the regime dual-SIM. How fun to get a “combination”, and more than able to “buy off” this new user! All this will be discussed further.

Packaging and delivery  – Impression ImSMART S471 review

Impression ImSMART S471 review comes in a fairly compact cardboard box, which design – a combination of brand colors and patterns. On the walls are many different labels: the image of the smartphone, the data about the company and the country of origin, as well as a list of basic specifications, labeling and more.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

After opening the package, the user finds the classic “set”, which is accepted among journalists is also called “gentlemen’s” – itself a smartphone cable micro- USB plus a wired headset with answer button and built-in microphone and the necessary documentation.

Design and Customization – Impression ImSMART S471 review

In terms of design manufacturer managed to do just a great look. Streamlined three sides glossy plastic casing, glass Asahi Glass Dragon trail (budget competitor Gorilla glass ) on the front, on top of which is also a protective film, a beautiful pattern on the reverse side, all in some 7.2 mm thickness. And that nice, no squeaks and backlash does not irritate the user.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

In terms of ergonomics no complaints! In the hand tube “sitting” perfectly. Full control of the machine by means of fingers, holding his hand, also does not cause any claims – quite convenient to reach the user as to the hardware buttons and touch any icon menu.

Attaching the battery unit proved reliable. Remove or perform the reverse procedure happens in 1-2 seconds.

Ergonomics of the functional elements – Impression ImSMART S471 review

The front panel is “divided” classic Impression ImSMART S471 review: large display, three touch-sensitive buttons located slightly below his eye front 2 megapixel camera, mesh earpiece plus proximity / light conditions.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

The reverse side of the Impression ImSMART S471 review is remarkable eye on the main camera 8 MP, LED flash plus terminal grid speakerphone. Besides all mentioned here also has the logo of the manufacturer and the line in which this model is positioned.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

Looking around the right end user to ‘discover’ button on / off. At the junction of the same rib and the lower end there is a small clearance required to remove the battery pack.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

On the left “marginalia” is the volume rocker sound.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

The top end is interesting micro-USB port and 3.5mm classic, and on the bottom there is a tiny built-in microphone conclusion.

Display – Impression ImSMART S471 review

The Impression ImSMART S471 review is equipped with a 4.7-inch HD-display, based on IPS-matrix with quite decent viewing angles both vertically and horizontally.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

While working in bright sunlight certain “extinction” of information displayed is the place to be, although to call it essential not work.

Adjusting the backlight is performed by two classical ways – manually or automatically.

By sensitivity no complaints – supports touch control via 5 fingers simultaneously.

Memory – Impression ImSMART S471 review

Officially Impression ImSMART S471 review has 4 GB of internal memory. Nevertheless, in practice, the user can use a little more than two – Others “selects” system.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

How divided are “disk space”, can be seen in the illustrations below.

Expansion is available exclusively through cards MicroSD up to 32 GB maximum. “Hot” replacement is not supported. Connecting the USB-drive as well.

Speakers – Impression ImSMART S471 review

Two separate dynamics – Elementary and hands free.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

The first no complaints – good quality and volume, which is enough for most cases. Personally, I was comfortable to type a phone number to talk through Impression ImSMART S471 review and even something as pleasantly simply get it out of his pocket – it’s not the heavy thick bar with a completely “lifeless” appearance, this tube is capable of literally like at first sight.

Opportunities multimedia speaker also not disappoint. Yes, nothing like so special here, but the loudness and sound purity of its budget “discourage” worthy.

Opportunities classic settings. All of them are shown in the illustrations below.

Battery and autonomy – Impression ImSMART S471 review

Capacity removable battery – 1750 mAh.

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

In practice, a full charge is enough to work in the video playback up to 6.5 hours of talk or else up to 9 hours.

Proprietary add-energy conservation is not here, but there Snapdragon BatteryGuru -utility to optimize your battery powered devices on the chip Snapdragon.

Equipment – Impression ImSMART S471 review

Powered smartphone Impression ImSMART S471 review operating system Android 4.3 «out of the box.” Yes, it’s not the most advanced axle today, but the manufacturer promises to upgrade to 4.4, which, in my opinion, very interesting, given the fact, as previously such things do not – cosmetic improvements and fixes at best. Exact release date of release yet, but if it comes out – it will be a very good step forward.

The “heart” of the system is a 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8212 (core ARM Cortex-A7), the clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. In addition, the “on board” 1 GB of RAM and Adreno 305 graphics.

Productivity – Impression ImSMART S471 review

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

Realize the “iron” is enough for gaming performance, and for playback Full HD – video. However, in the latter case it was necessary to resort to a third-party player – because, quite simply, comfortable.

Wireless modules and interfaces – Impression ImSMART S471 review

Among other things the user Impression ImSMART S471 review will have the opportunity to work with the module Wi-Fi 802.11 b / G / n, “on board” whose technology Wi-Fi Direct. Moreover, “under the hood” Bluetooth , VPN, Dual-SIM, GPS and so forth.

In this regard, Impression ImSMART S471 review «rich» to preset customers “Classmates”. There is also Facebook, You Tube and so on.

Camera – Impression ImSMART S471 review

Impression ImSMART S471 review: "smart credit card!"

Impression ImSMART S471 review  has 2 megapixel front camera and 8 megapixel main. The last “supplemented” LED flash and autofocus for good photography.

Some conclusions – Impression ImSMART S471 review

Well, in the very compact dimensions of the manufacturer has put good equipment Impression ImSMART S471 review, quite capacious battery, IPS-large display, which also covers the protective glass, traditionally support for two SIM-cards and even very good dynamics.

From the fact that not very much to me personally – no autofocus during video recording. But the fact that the machine does not support the specification of USB OTG, because of the other advantages of the smartphone can perhaps be forgiven.

Goodies – Impression ImSMART S471 review

– Excellent design;

– High build quality / thin body;

– Nice display / protective glass Asahi Glass Dragontrail;

– Decent autonomy (subjectively);

– Sound;

– Performance-adjusted price tag;

Lows – Impression ImSMART S471 review

– Lack of support specification USB OTG;

– Not integrated autofocus system for video

Estimated price Impression ImSMART S471 review: $ 190

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