Review of the smartphone HTC One Dual Sim

After testing the HTC One left a mixed impression . Beautiful and powerful smartphone with a great screen , but with the strange features of the new shell and modest quality photos.

This symbiosis of function was assessed in the amount of 30,000 rubles at the start of sales, subsequently fell slightly smartphone. Joining him will be sold and the second model : instead of a SIM- card, it allows you to use two , and also supports memory card slot. , the new product is the most powerful device with two SIM-cards in our market , and the issue is solved with limited storage space on the device with the ability to establish here microSD required volume. As for the rest of their characteristics are very similar, almost identical to the device . This also applies to the quality of the screen, and the shell Sense. In addition, the model is very interesting because it offers two independent radio modules than favorably with most of these devices with two SIM-cards in the market.


  • smartphone
  • headset
  • USB- cable
  • power supply unit
  • Device for extracting SIM- card


One externally with one or two cards are virtually identical to each other. Available all the same two versions: black and silver versions are universal. The shell is made of aluminum, the machine itself is beautiful and original, this is one of the few examples of a beautiful device on the market that is original and cute. smartphone has increased a little in size , but the difference between the two models in practice very difficult to feel , it is minimal. The figures are as follows: 137.8 x 69.3 x 10.4 mm , weight 156 g In One was 137.4 h68 , 2×9 , 3 mm , weight 143 g. general idea has remained the same, using all of the same high quality materials , the model feels expensive and quality , this is a definite plus smartphone. Moreover, the presence of a removable lid will not cause for concern for the solidity of the body , all assembled very tightly. Aluminum cover is fixed in special connectors , is removed using a small lever. She leans to one side, it is unusual for smartphones , but the decision is quite comfortable and practical. before, a pair of pads used , which cover the top and bottom of the speakers face. in front located speakers. At the top is a front facing camera , the light , the earpiece and a set of light and proximity sensors.

Only the bottom two control touch buttons . Why removed a third , mystery , instead of showing off her logo HTC. At first, it brings a lot of inconvenience when trying to get out of the habit of application and push into the center, but there is something there is nothing. Adapt is not a problem , but it’s a matter of time . Call up the Task Manager was too easy, just double click on the key to the cabin . The logic of a controversial and unique .


Display with a 4.7 – inch diagonal , as in last year’s smartphone HTC One X / HTC One XL / HTC One X +. At the same time, it is smaller than the HTC Butterfly, which received a large 5 -inch diagonal . resolution is very high, it is 1080h1920 points, the point density is 469 PPI, it is the best value on the market in its class. Font, image – it looks perfectly clear. terms of color display is very good. This is a Super LCD 3 , in fact – is an analogue of IPS with all its advantages , the matrix has impressive viewing angles and the correct range of shades . Everything looks fine, including the remarkable behavior of the sun.

Viewing angles are great , there is no distortion of colors . The smartphone is one of the best devices on the quality of the picture , you can safely recommend to anyone who wants to get a machine with a perfect display on the market.


The smartphone runs on Android 4.1.2 and Sense 5, then 600 quad -core Snapdragon processor with a frequency of 1.7 GHz and 2 GB of RAM , graphics Adreno 320. The Smartphone comes with 32 GB of internal memory , the user is a little more than 25 GB., of course , the memory card slot . Performance is very good , everything works fine , the smartphone is one of the best devices on the power . Already a version 4.2.2 , users can upgrade to it, but the test sample of the new firmware “on air” and have not seen.


The shell is completely different , unlike the ones that came before it. Instead, the bulk of widgets offered something simplistic . A kind of minimalism and austerity, but within reasonable limits. There are many ways to decorate the menu , although there are noticeably fewer widgets , before the choice was more. HTC – one of the few manufacturers who spends forces to create a beautiful wallpaper. Here we propose a new package of spectacular images , you should not deprive their attention , I loved this collection.

Adjustable size of the grid , 3 or 4 in a row label . Although, given the size and resolution of the screen , you could do 5 pieces and icons in one line. Out of the total menu, you can remove unnecessary applications . Creates folders that collect a application icons not only on the menu, but also on the desktop.

HTC BlinkFeed – it means to not lose touch with the outside world and is constantly receiving updates from different sources. The list is strictly limited, to add their resources does not work, I did not like . On top of news that come here , accompanied by no means the highest-quality pictures. On the one hand , HTC cares about the user and compresses images to reduce bandwidth consumption , but at the same time, FullHD- screen, such ” beauty ” is not happy. With all this news aggregator can not be removed . This is no ordinary widget, as part of the shell smart phone, I have to live with it.

To see the list of running programs , double- click on the button with the image of the house . Then open a set of thumbnails. If you want, you can close the application or go to one of the programs . There is a special children’s mode, in which the young user can not change the data in any way smartphone users , but will be able to have fun with one of the many applications. Yourself out of this mode it also does not work, the child will be quite a task .

Telephone part

The book allows you to display data from different social networks , combining different sources into one list. You can also remove unnecessary information . As usual, a very large number of fields , a new contact is a variety of data, including different types of phone numbers , email addresses , instant messaging tools and other useful data. The rooms are divided into groups , they are assigned individual signals.

Calls in a separate section , there are marked with colored icons of different types of calls . List of general , these are the long list . The smartphone handy keyboard with quick search by numbers or contacts. There is a quick set of numbers. with two SIM-cards is implemented as follows. The first connector is placed card that will work with the 3G- networks , because the second only supports 2G- connection. In the menu you set the priority mode for data transfer. When making a call, you can select a card , the same actions are available when sending a message. Ring tone is set individually for each card , but the message signal is the same for them. In the menu calls card numbers stand out , making it easy to work with. Conveniently, the smartphone two independent radio module that allows you to not have problems with communication , both at the same time available SIM- card. Now the market has this feature – a rarity.

Message menu is interesting because it offers the option to scale the fonts , and allows you to create a group of “hidden” from view SMS, where you can store any personal information. It also set the background as you type . The text can be easily transformed to an MMS, if we add to it the media data . The HTC keyboard is very comfortable, in addition to this device, large screen, which is great for typing . Offered not only an intelligent input when the smartphone automatically corrects typos and prints ready-made options for a set of words , but also accelerated method of printing. In such a case, you can type messages stroke , it is familiar for Swype, which appeared a few years ago. Strangely translated SIM-card they signed as a “nest “, such peculiarities of translation look ugly and ridiculous.

To use e- mail offers two applications . The first can only work with Gmail, the box is configured automatically when you enter your account information after turning on the smartphone. The second collects messages from other email services . Smartphone normally understands a different encoding , supports uploading attachments, and he knows how to send a variety of data.


Calendar displays events by day, week or month . There is a sound notification is given by the repeat mode, create events with additional properties. can create multiple alarms , for them to choose a repeat mode , set the notification sound , combining the vibration and sound. Displays the time in different time zones , there is a stopwatch and a timer. a variety of tasks , indicating the priority actions. Integrated with Evernote, so you can always add text graphics or sound.

The weather is displayed in another program, it is decorated nicer.


The smartphone dual cameras . The front side is different 2-megapixel unit , which is useful for communication via Skype. Also, the camera offers a wide-angle lens with an opening angle of 88 degrees, which will appeal to those who like self-portraits or group shots just to make.

The main camera takes only 4 -megapixel resolution . HTC has decided not to go for the rest of the market , and offered his view on the old idea. It boils down to the fact that the high resolution of competitors are just a fad, but in fact a quality module will please your photos and at a lower resolution . The main use high quality optics and a well-optimized software. Then a matrix of size 1/3 inch backlit and aperture f.2.0, as well as processor HTC ImageChip 2 , there is an optical stabilizer for video recording. buttons for shooting is not here, altered skin , but you can still put on the lock screen shortcuts necessary , for example, a camera and start shooting quickly from there. Conveniently, when block after shooting screen, and then press the key lock , the viewfinder will be available again . No need to unlock the screen , and it’s a few precious seconds when you can miss an important point.

HTC One Dual sim loses part of the photo models such as the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, that is, its direct competitors and those marks, the control of which has been going on for years.

Video is recorded in FullHD- quality, there HDR- mode for both stills and video , as well as the silent and slow-motion with 60 frames per second. Sound is written in stereo. And in FullHD video can be shot , not only with the main camera , but the front.

Here, a function such as HTC Zoe. At its core , it’s a little bit of a movie or GIF- animation when the smartphone makes a series of shots , it sticks together , and then stores all data in memory. You can also get a few shots before the shutter button was pressed and somewhat after the action was committed . Interesting thing , sometimes something you can not manage to capture , but then the smartphone will come to the rescue. In addition , there is a photo editor . In addition to various basic capabilities it is able to remove unnecessary objects , the idea was first proposed in the flagship smartphone Nokia. 


Images are divided into categories. Here are the files that are stored in Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Picasa or Skydrive. Also allows you to create hidden albums about which no one knows except the owner of the smartphone. Runs a slide show with music , pictures transmitted in different ways: via Bluetooth, a social network or through established programs. They are also used as wallpaper or contact picture . Not forgotten and photo editor, where , if desired, you can apply different effects to the pictures.

In addition to photos , you can view and video . Stated support .3 gp,. Mp4,. Wmv,. Avi. Set is not the largest , say , popular now . Mkv smartphone without the player simply can not reproduce . Therefore it is better to put a single player for this purpose. Soft- decoding at the same time solve the possible problems with the audio tracks.


In the player you will see the cover of the track data on media , created a music playlist , the song is used as ringtones . If there is no picture song or album , it can be added using the built-in function , it will be downloaded from the Internet. As such, the equalizer in the device not only offered the option Beats Audio, automatically changes the settings while listening to music.

Offers a convenient widget that appears on the lock screen . With it convenient to switch between songs . Oddly enough , but usually spoils the Beats Audio sound , in this case all the way around and listen better player with this option. The quality of sound in the headphones ideal smartphone , the player will appeal to all without exception. In addition, there is not only clear and loud sound in the headphones , but also great sound through the speakers , which is rare for smartphones. Previously, this behavior was different , only a small number of models of musical kind.


The receiver is able to search the station automatically, supports RDS and playback sound through the speaker. Installed for listening to Internet radio, as well as software to determine the songs that play nearby.


To connect to the Internet using a built-in application , as well as Chrome, which is also installed in the phone. It is convenient because it is able to synchronize with computers , so all the data can be easily and quickly transferred from one device to another. At the same time, it can affect the time of the smartphone as a few greedy , so that it is more efficient to use the browser on the HTC. He does the rest of it is not inferior and works very quickly, smoothly and steadily.


The smartphone uses the standard features of Google- device offering original card. Here are output plugs are specified routes that are run in different ways: for drivers , pedestrians, who move on foot or by public transport . There are Street View, when you can see a certain place on the map , photographed cars Google. Cards are offline- mode in the different countries of the world, but it requires them to first save to your phone. Supported by GPS and GLONASS, the speed and accuracy of the positioning coordinates of any complaints , as a navigator to use the smartphone -friendly.


The smartphone works in the frequencies of GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 and WCDMA 900/2100 MHz. 3G is only available for the first slot , a second support only 2G- network. There UBS 2.0 to synchronize with a PC. Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to transfer data, and paired with stereogranituroy . There NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11n mode with the modem and the access point. The smartphone provides the infrared port , hidden in the lock button , with the help of the device can play the role of a TV remote.


The smartphone is non-removable battery of 2300 mAh. Battery lasts for a day of work from morning to night with an average load device can withstand . In total would be about 3.5-4 hours of active screen. In case of intensive use of the device , for example, in the Navigator or search for information on the Internet , the phone will have to recharge more often.

In video playback at maximum brightness unit is almost 5:00. Common indicators are good, though not phenomenal , but at moderate load smartphone running day . And if you use it constantly , the two charging for the same period will be a necessity that is common for smartphones. Still do not forget the power-saving mode when turned off the Internet when the screen is locked , decreases the level of illumination . It also helps to live longer.


The smartphone has an average power on the vibrator and very loud speakers. The earpiece is great voice quality on high, vibration feedback is average in power.

HTC One Dual sim yet unique offering of its kind. This smart phone not only offers two SIM cards at the masthead Android-smartphone -class, there is also two independent modules that can simultaneously talk on both SIM-based . At the same time maintain all the strengths HTC One: exciting design , great build quality materials , beautiful screen . Not only support 4G- networks, but this is a matter of personal needs . However , the disadvantages also not gone to them in the first place is to carry a mediocre photo quality . Ergonomics also takes some getting used to master the production of smartphones with convenient buttons HTC for some reason can not . The model is the same as with the HTC One and One SIM- card , so that problems in choosing between the two versions should arise, you can buy the model that will be more convenient for personal use.

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