How to read your location using Wi-Fi-networks?

Sometimes the effect of naivety or ignorance banal lovers smartphones credited latest amazing and slightly ridiculous properties. For example, the high prevalence of acquired theory about the negative effects on human health smartphones, vodozaschite on devices with iOS 7 and even read their owners gadgets location using wireless networks. And if the first two denials assumptions we already know , that the last things a little differently. The fact is that smartphones are connected to Wi-Fi-networks really know where you are. How does this happen? Let’s deal.

Start a story worth with that almost every modern phone has integrated GPS-receiver. In simple terms, is that automated reads your location. Of course, not without the help of a huge number of satellites that fly on the unattainable for ordinary people away. However, this technology is not the only one. As reported by our colleagues from phonearena, Wi-Fi zone, designed for mass use, also not left behind. That is why, incidentally, navigation applications sometimes recommend to connect to a wireless network for greater accuracy position determination.

How does the search location? The process is incredibly simple. Due to the huge amount of service locations that are built into the vast majority of mobile operating systems, smart space scans for the presence of Wi-Fi-networks and enter data about your location in their huge database. Information from the latter, in turn, extends between the two devices, which helps to detect its location.

The most curious part is that once the data comes from the Wi-Fi-points, the accuracy of geopozitsii depends on the quantity. The more routers around, the more likely to find themselves on the map.

Of course, the discovery of using wireless networks is less accurate than using the GPS, but the first method already established itself in places not reached by the satellite signal. For example, in shopping centers.

And how jealous issues disguising personal data you? Keep whether location services enabled? Do not forget to tell us about it below.

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