BlackBerry has closed access to BBM for iOS and Android

BlackBerry has suspended the planned distribution of a mobile version of its BlackBerry Messegner client for iOS and Android, after it was revealed the error. As noted in the company, BBM will continue to work for those users iPhone, which had time to download it.

Release BlackBerry Messenger for Apple’s operating system took place on Saturday. Wait for the release of the popular applications accounted for almost half a year. The official version for Android the company has not released, but many users have downloaded an informal assembly of BBM, which became the root of the problems. At the moment it is locked.

The decision on release of BBM for competing platforms Android and iOS has become strategic for BlackBerry. The day before the company announced that fires 40% of staff, or 4,500 people, as well as writes off 960 million dollars in damages. Back in May, BlackBerry promised that her office will be available for various mobile operating systems. According to the company, BBM is quite able to provide such service competition even as WhatsApp with the number of users more than 300 million people.

The blog BlackBerry says that for the first 8 hours after placement in the App Store BBM client has been downloaded over 1.1 million times. IOS available for all the main features of the application, including BBM Chat (instant messaging between any devices on one of the three platforms – BlackBerry, Android and iOS) and BBM Groups (create group chats with up to 30 conversations). Client users can know what their message is delivered, as well as whether it has been delivered and read or delivered, but not yet read by the addressee.

In the BlackBerry said they will resume access to the application as quickly as they can.

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