Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer – fix covered!

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Compact accessory, a key purpose of which – control the distance traveled per day and the number of calories burned at the same time. As far as practical to get the device and someone will interest !? Let’s deal with.

Packaging and delivery – Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Bracelet comes in a package of medium size. It is made preferably of cardboard, but is also significant in the insertion of a thin transparent plastic. In my opinion, it is not so much decoration box itself as a kind of showcase for stored inside the Prestigio Smart Pedometer, which allows a visual assessment of the design of the gadget.

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Looking around the walls of the package, the user “will find” on their list of key specifications devaysa application information Family Health Compass, a few small illustrations accessory in a particular situation, plus information about the company-manufacturer.

Himself alone package consists of only the most directly Prestigio Smart Pedometer plus the necessary documentation, including, of course, a quick start guide.

Assembly and functional elements – Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Taking the bracelet Prestigio Smart Pedometer in his hands for the first time, at first I could not understand how it is done charging the battery. In practice it was pretty easy. The fact that a rubber strap, which is attached directly to itself, so to speak, “system unit” removable. And part of it is attached to a conclusion, which is actually a USB 2.0 – connector. By the way, to see which item it must be removed, it is necessary to pay attention to the proper marking on it.

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

If anyone of you, dear readers, doubts about the reliability of this type of fastening, I hasten to reassure – for a couple of weeks of daily testing, this design is not only broke, even the minimum clearance between the elements did not appear. Yes, basically we Prestigio Smart Pedometer walked the streets and went to public transport. However, every evening went to a nearby stadium for a jog. In short, on the part of the assembly have no complaints.

The above-mentioned “system unit” was a plastic housing. He glossy, and therefore not be surprised that he’s a big “hunter” to fingerprints and a thick oily divorce. However, nothing wrong with that, as a napkin to wipe it as easily as you and get a “mark.” It is also nice and the fact that the housing waterproof.

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Control only one – a hardware button on the side edge, this Prestigio Smart Pedometer is somewhat like the recently reviewed Huawei TalkBand B1. Single pressing it activates the clock. The second “translate” the user in the submenu, which displays the number of steps you’ve walked for the current day. The third will show how many calories were burned, and the fourth ‘fixes’ the distance traveled. In my opinion, get comfortable with this easy to control even far from the same class of device users.

Hardware in Prestigio Smart Pedometer not thought-out just one thing – the strap. The whole point is that the latter provides for adjustment of its length to the thickness of the wrist member, but the extra part just cut off. Thus, to increase the length of it, if necessary in the future, the user simply will not work.

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

The rest of the claims to the arrangement in this regard is not – does not catch flies randomly or while walking or while running. No problems with the fastening strap to the “system unit”! But as we have said before.

Features of the app Family Health Compass

In general, use Prestigio Smart Pedometer to the extent opportunities, as described above, it is possible and without the application of Family Health Compass. However, if you want to record your accomplishments for the day, comparing the performance to your next few days, and in addition, a number of other parameters to determine the physical condition, then this “example program” will be very helpful.

Its propagation is free, and all that is needed – compatible Android or iOS – smartphone. Connect it via Bluetooth.

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

After the installation you want to create a kind of account, in which, among other things, to define their own parameters – weight, height, etc.. This, according to the developers, it is important because it allows the system to more accurately determine the results.

Easy to see that the possibility of the application itself is somewhat broader functionality bracelet and distributed, including to other devices of the brand.

Using Family Health Compass, inter alia, can also measure the level of stress and pressure. On how to do this here, I will not dwell – everything is clear from the tips directly in a particular submenu.

Display and autonomy – Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

The manufacturer is not talking about the diagonal of the display and its resolution, however, given the information that displays the last, these parameters can be neglected altogether.

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

When working in the sun ‘extinction’ significant data, but given the fact that the user will look at the display only occasionally mentioned nuance considered significant discomfort is not necessary.

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

The capacity of the internal battery 70 mAh. The manufacturer promises a week of the device on a single charge. In practice, in the mode of daily use I was able to discharge the battery after six days, which is not bad.

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Charging procedure takes about two hours.

Some of the findings – Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Review bracelet-pedometer Prestigio Smart Pedometer

Well, Prestigio Smart Pedometer – it is comfortable, and in addition, one of the most affordable solutions for fixing the physical activity. A good combination of features and price tag make it affordable for the masses, and ease of handling and will certainly appeal to people looking for a similar accessory, but are not ready to learn each function with the directory.

Pros Prestigio Smart Pedometer

– Hardware / waterproof housing;
– Ergonomics Control;
– Solution with charging unit;
– A handy utility for fixing various types of physical activity

Cons Prestigio Smart Pedometer

– Do not think about the format of the strap length adjustment

Estimated cost Prestigio Smart Pedometer: $ 90

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