Android vs iOS. Who is more stable?

Company Crittercism, a native of San Francisco, dedicated to research mobile platforms and applications, analyzed the stability of the two market-leading operating systems – Android and iOS. What came of it – read under the cut.

As incoming data were: application uptime and speed of its response to a user’s call. The report says that in order to be competitive, the application must respond in 1 second and stay less than 1% of the operating time.

Tests have shown that the same? It turned out that in the Android 2.3.x Gingerbread, the latest figures established on 19% of devices, applications stay 1.7% of working time, and in versions with 4.0.h Ice Cream Sandwich and above, together holding 79.7% of devices – only 0.7%.

Tests have also shown that 47% of applications “fall” at least 1% of the operating time. Games stop 4.4% of the time, and photo and video applications – 1.8%.

Here gossips probably already started to chuckle in the spirit of “Android, I told you.” But do not gloat.

Based on the data obtained Crittercism, it follows that in iOS 6 application denied 2.5% of the time, and in iOS 7 – 2.1%. The latest version is iOS 7.1, which in addition to the improvements (which we easily achieved and Android), there are some problems , the rating is 1.6%. Statistics, frankly, breaking stereotypes.

As for devices, the report concludes Crittercism that Samsung Galaxy S4 device was the most stable of those that were in their trials, with a rating of failure in 0.9%. Conversely, the highest rate of 2.6% – the iPad 2.

And what is your personal experience? What device and what system hangs less annoying others?

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