Pebble App Store is available for iOS and Android

Pebble , producing some of the most interesting at the moment smart watches , kept her promise back in December, and opened his specialty store applications for the enhancement. Store already has more than 1,000 applications and virtual dials, and it’s available through the official app Pebble for iOS. As in other stores all the offers are categorized for easy searching desired.

Here’s the official announcement from the blog shop Pebble:

We are very pleased to announce that applications store Pebble alive together with more than 1000 applications and dials. Built into the app store on your Pebble iOS and Android devices and allows you to find, preview, and download applications and dials for Pebble Smartphone.

Pebble mission is to create products that sneak into your life. Until now, users Pebble received applications and dials due to several external resources like MyPebbleFaces. Pebble App Store changes everything, providing a simple and uniform method to learn and install applications, and dials.

Users can use Pebble App Store and to manage applications on his watch. The device supports a maximum of 8 applications installed simultaneously, but the company has developed App Locker, allowing you to quickly install or remove any application.

Applications Pebble, and thus their store are free and available in the app store Apple. If you own a smart clock Pebble, it should be – that’s great news for you. Please accept my congratulations. In my opinion – this is the best offer on the market of smart watches, and now the company opened its own app store. For the creators of this product is a huge step. We wish them every success, and I will put a heavy stone on the scales in favor of buying Pebble updated.

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