iOS 7.1 warns of embedded purchases

Apart from some minor visual innovations CarPlay support and performance improvements fingerprint scanner ID Touch iOS 7.1 also made ​​some changes in the operation of the mechanism built shopping applications, says MacRumors. Now when a user performs a particular purchase in the program, a special window pops up, warning of the possibility of new purchases without entering a password for 15 minutes.

The report also proposed to change this in the settings where you can activate the password for each new purchase.

Such actions – not a whim of Apple, as a result of its agreement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, according to which the company is obliged to take all necessary measures to prevent unwanted purchases owners built the iPhone and iPad.

The problem with In-App purchase is very relevant in the interaction of children with gadgets Apple. There are cases when parents left their child alone with the iPad and any game with integrated shopping, and then find on your credit card the absence of several hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That you understand the scale of the disaster – Apple in the amount going to reimburse these parents more than 32 million dollars.

Most often, the news about the latest incident involving with integrated shopping and children, for some reason came from the UK. In Russia, such cases have been recorded, or else anyone and would not come in contact Apple for compensation on this issue.

In the recent trend of transition application developers with classical models monetization model freemium (with built-shopping) is becoming more frightening character . In the App Store, there are fewer applications running on the principle of “buy it and enjoy it.” Instead, it works the other, due to which there is a sense that if you take a rental program.

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