Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700 – “space for three!”

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

The new smartphone Acer, the hallmark of which is to support the work with three SIM-cards simultaneously. In addition, there is a good “metal”, a 5-inch HD LCD monitor, battery 3500 mAh, 8 megapixel camera and many other interesting “things.” All of this will be discussed!

Materials and build quality – Acer Liquid E700

The manufacturer did not excel with the materials of the shell for this smartphone – plastic is used with a small “impurity” of the metal. However, the latter is only in the format inserts and edging few hardware elements, but because the special “weather” in terms of the assembly does not. It, however, too early to put a final point. The whole point is that the editors have been good though, but still an engineering sample, for which the body was seen a slight backlash cover the battery pack, and the creak of the details. However, it is unlikely that a commercial version of the phone user will be able to meet like.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

Hand machine easy to use – you can comfortably work with virtually all touch-sensitive buttons, despite the fact that “on board” 5-inch display, “pulled” for a large sum of length and width (cm. Table). But in terms of ergonomics hardware elements five producers supply can not – why on the right “marginalia” micro- port USB is unclear. In my opinion, it would be interesting to see here on / off button Power smartphone. However, the latest carried on the upper end, and the “reach out” to her fingers of the hand holding the device, it is extremely uncomfortable.

Functional elements – Acer Liquid E700

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

The front panel of the smartphone is divided between a large display, which covers safety glass, three touch-sensitive buttons a little below it, a peephole in the front 2 megapixel camera, a light sensor / proximity plus two grids. Over the top “hidden” earpiece, and for the lower media.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

Clothed in the battery pack cover rear panel remarkable conclusion the main 8-megapixel camera, LED flash, as well as noise-canceling microphone and buttons Acer RAPID. With its functionality, we are already familiar to Review of the Smartphone Acer Liquid E3. We are talking about a “hot” key, by means of which a single click, you can unlock your smartphone, and clicking again to launch an application or pre-selected menu option. The selection is made from a separate submenu.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

In addition to all mentioned in the same part of the case the user will see the “hint” about the new product sales technology DTS Studio Sound. To her features I’ll be back a little later.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

On the right edge to settle the above-mentioned port micro-USB. In addition, here is the volume rocker sound.

The opposite face of any buttons or connectors are not received.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

At the top end is implemented on / off button a feeding tube, and the output of 3.5 mm.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700Finally, the lower slot is located miniature built in microphone and a small clearance required for the user to remove the battery pack.

Display – Acer Liquid E700

The smartphone Acer Liquid E700 has a 5-inch display with a resolution 720×1280 points. At the heart of IPS matrix.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

I liked viewing angles both vertically and horizontally. Deviation of the colors at minimum slopes, but because of discomfort for the user it does not create, for that matter, and working in contact with the panel of bright sunlight. Although the “extinction” of the displayed data in the latter case far more noticeable.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

Backlight adjustment is performed by two classical ways – automatically or manually. Select your preferred format can be both from the special menu item, and the Notification panel.

In addition, it is also a pleasure, activate submenus Glove Operation, the display can be operated with gloves on.

Sensitivity at a decent level – supported by touch control through five fingers simultaneously.

Memory – Acer Liquid E700

Immediately it is worth noting that the commercial version of the Acer Liquid E700 will be 16 GB internal user memory. In our test sample were only 4 GB.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

Extension permitted by cards MicroSD up to 32 GB or less or the same by connecting the USB-drive.

“Hot” replacement of the first supported.

Speakers – Acer Liquid E700

The smartphone has two separate speakers – spoken, as well as a speakerphone.

It’s nice that not only the first but also the second placed on the front panel. It is not hard to guess that gives the location of the user.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

The quality of sound complaints. Both are capable of good volume and purity, and even multimedia relatively good volume. For the latter, however, thanks to the aforementioned DTS Studio SOUND. By clicking here, the user can adjust the treble, bass, and in addition, to work with a separate EQ for video and MP3.

Other sound settings menu in one way or another can be attributed to the definition of “classic”.

Battery and autonomy – Acer Liquid E700

The capacity of the built-in Acer Liquid E700 battery 3500 mAh.

The manufacturer guarantees up to 24 hours of battery life in a call or up to 1440 hours, if the tube is not used.

In practice, a single full charge me was enough for two days.

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

Approximate load the following: at least 2 hours – calls, the same WEB-surfing and e-mail! In addition, about two hours I watched the video, played for about an hour and 50 minutes working with the camera. MP3 also listened to at least one hour a day. Looks pretty good, although it is unlikely this is the maximum that can be counted. Do not forget, because the test was performed on an example, although well designed, but the engineering model.

Superstructure of energy saving in Acer Liquid E700 is not provided.

Features and performance – Acer Liquid E700

Powered smartphone operating system Android 4.4.2 “out of the box.”

At the heart of a 4-core Mediatek MT6582, the clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. In addition, “on board” Mali-400MP graphics and 1GB of RAM.

Although this “iron link” in practice is enough for Full HD – video and demanding games, however, the commercial version of the tube member waiting for a little surprise in the form of twice the amount of RAM. Whatever you say, but its price tag equipment looks good.

In addition to the Acer Liquid E700 can work with Wi-Fi 802.11 b / G / n, in which the manufacturer has integrated Wi-Fi technology Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, VPN, Tethering, GPS , and of course, Trial-SIM. However, in the latter case it is a work in standby mode.

Camera – Acer Liquid E700

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

The main 8-megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, complemented by good rather big number of settings / shooting modes. Maximum video resolution Full HD.

Conclusions – Acer Liquid E700

Review of the smartphone Acer Liquid E700

Acer Liquid E700 looks like an interesting proposal, and therefore, no doubt, custom sympathy he will. On the side of the tube is good “iron” and performance, high-quality IPS-display, plus an adequate capacity battery for all this starting price tag. As for the support for the three SIM-cards, in my opinion, it’s more a matter of taste everyone personally. Someone is willing to “feed” the three operators, and someone with a quite comfortable.


  • “Fast” button Acer RAPID;
  • Good opportunities display / support work gloves;
  • Capacity battery;
  • Construction of multimedia speaker / support DTS Studio SOUND;
  • Decent “iron”


  • Questions to ergonomics (subjectively)

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