Philadelphia became the first city in which prohibited “print” firearms


Philadelphia, became the first American city in which local authorities have decided to adopt a bill banning the use of 3D-printer for firearms.

Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, who initiated the bill, during the interview Philadelphia Magazine reported that at the moment he does not know anyone who would use the 3D-printing technology for the manufacture of weapons. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a ban is not necessary.

Recently, the web keeps popping news about functional and affordable models of weapons of plastic, printed on the 3D-printer and software that allows you to “encrypt” and put in the public domain 3D-model of illegal weapons. Philadelphia Local authorities fear that the plastic arms and metal detectors can fool existing security system, which in turn will lead to irreparable consequences. While it is difficult to say exactly how city officials will monitor compliance with the ban, because the 3D-printers can still be used at home.

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