Google bought the startup Bump Technologies

It was learned that Google has bought startup Bump Technologies. The latter is known as a developer of mobile applications Bump. It is intended for the exchange of contacts and other data (photos, videos, documents) between mobile devices. Moreover, the exchange process is initiated by an original way – it is easy to hit one device on the other, holding them in their hands.

The exact amount of the transaction and the timing of the completion of the participants are not called. However, informed sources report that for the purchase of Bump Technologies, Google paid about $ 35 million All 25 employees Bump Technologies, including managers, will go to work at Google. After completion of the transaction will not close the application Bump.

In addition to a startup Bump Bump Technologies developed the application and Flock. It analyzes the location-based data and determines which of the user’s friends on the social network Facebook is nearby. You will be prompted to create a collective photo album, which will include photos taken by all users.

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