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November 12, the release of the most ambitious project of the domestic game – Aviation MMO World of Warplanes. Responsible for the development of the game and the Persha Studia need to recognize that children have coped with their task.

After the success of World of Tanks announcement of two more military MMO from Wargaming for anybody came as no surprise. It was clear and that the aforementioned repeat success with “sea” or “air» MMO unlikely to happen, but I believe that they still will not look at the background famous throughout the world, “Tanks” poor relatives. It is safe to say that “Airplane” and everything turned out World of Warplanes has all chances to bring the universe Wargaming those players who, for one reason or another started playing tanks.

For what can be praised World of Warplanes primarily because it is a low threshold for entering the game. And we are not talking about “tankmen” for which the game looks like a home where everything is familiar and stands on its usual places. The fact that World of Warplanes perfectly fits the wording easy to learn, hard to master and understand azah can anyone, even the most inexperienced player. Go conquer the skies can be just a click after selecting one of the launch aircraft. It then gain experience and earn player “silver”, the player discovers the different types of ammunition, learns than 120-octane gasoline differs from the usual and determined that more profitable to take on board – a first aid kit, fire extinguisher or pneumatic motor to restart. Creators themselves say about their project as “bouncy airplane Rubilovo” and this phrase very accurately captures the spirit and ideology of the game.

Everything except actually fight in World of Warplanes discarded as useless. Dimensions of playing cards, and that’s about 10×10 and 15×15 kilometers (selection of cards depends on the level and speed of the aircraft, respectively), are large enough to leave room for maneuver, but the fighting did not have to look each other in the first minutes of the match are usually already sky is lined with black plume of smoke from the wrecked aircraft. Game mode so far only one, “Supremacy”, in which two teams earn points advantage, knocking down enemy vehicles and destroying ground targets. Fights last for a few minutes, the aircraft is not being revived in War Thunder , and in contrast to the same World of Tanks, do not wait for opportunities otsizhivayas enemy in the bushes, so that, in practice, the aircraft one of the parties come to an end much sooner than will be destroyed “nazemka.”

Dynamics fighting mad, airplanes around discharged unthinkable aerobatics queue through the air and newcomer quickly understands what it takes to work in a team, otherwise sad fate is inevitable. In the worst case, a pair of well-aimed enemy hits and welcome back to the hangar. At best – protracted carousel with the enemy, which usually end with the intervention of a third party, or a mistake of one of the pilots. By the way of the entertainment in the game – at low altitude “put” on the tail of a newbie myself and doing another loop the loop, make it imprinted in some hill. However, too low to sink is not recommended, enemy antiaircraft guns are not asleep, so be sure to keep in mind is getting involved in the persecution of steaming opponent.

Speaking of planes, before the final version of World of Warplanes got only three types – fighters, heavy fighters and attack aircraft. Existed for MBT class carrier-based fighters was abolished and all cars in this class moved into the category of ordinary fighters. Each of the classes, of course, its role in the battle. Fast, maneuverable and well armed, but it is very flimsy fighters busy at most air stripping primarily from their own brothers and then from all other aircraft, they also arrange cover for the slower members of the team. And a fighter pilot makes sense to avoid frontal attacks and generally try to stay away from enemy sight crosshairs, good maneuverability allows.

An exchange thanks to the powerful weapons and a decent margin of safety heavy fighters can attack head on almost any opponent. In addition, these machines are capable of carrying a small load of bombs, so that if the pilot did not find the victim in the air, nothing will prevent deal with ground targets. Minus strands in one – with good speed, the maneuverability of these aircraft is lame, which makes them an easy target for enemy sat down on the tail.

Characterised by high survivability stormtroopers engaged mainly parsing “nazemki”, despite the fact that the firepower they are somewhere between conventional and heavy fighters. Sat down on the tail of the enemy gunship gunner makes that an attacker can not knock, but will pull considerably. It is noteworthy that this branch has so far exclusively in Soviet technology.

Since we are talking about countries, we note that in the World of Warplanes is currently represented Soviet, German, American, British and Japanese planes, however, they are distributed according to nationality is very uneven. Since the Soviet Union can be found in the list of 31 aircraft, while aviation fans of the rising sun to be satisfied with just ten models. However, the line will be augmented with regular content patches.

In Kiev did not reinvent the wheel, and borrowed from the World of Tanks a well established system of pumping planes and pilots. For each flight the player earns a certain amount of experience and in-game currency. Experience spent on the discovery of new modules for the current aircraft and unlock new models, money – on the purchase of the above, repairs, replenishment of ammunition and so on. Experience and the pilot receives, acquiring new skills, with the result that significantly affects the outcome of the battle. However, there is one thing. If bleeding aircraft initial levels is quite fast, the pilots learn painfully long. What to do? Going out to eat, even for two. You can speed up the training of pilots sending this whole experience earned by plane or buy premiumnyh plane. As in WoT, premiumnyh technique here does not dominate the battlefield and, by and large, differs from the usual only the ability to quickly train pilots and earn more money game that allows you to keep top planes without feeling myself on the high cost of repairs and maintenance “birds” 9 -10 levels.

Of course, the aircraft can and should not only be modified by various modules and equipment, but also in every way to decorate. For this game provides camouflage, which in addition to the purely aesthetic pleasure are also practical value – summer, winter, desert and sea coloring give a bonus to cover up on the maps of the appropriate type. But all sorts of pictures, stickers and badges are intended solely to give your plane a little individuality. In addition, for particular achievement or successful actions during the battle on the plane appear special decals, allowing you to easily identify the level of experience of the player. Camouflage can be bought for a week, month after earning the game “silver” or forever for real money.

It should be noted that the developers are not going to stop there and the project will continue to develop and evolve in the development are already new modes, maps and, of course, the new aircraft. Promise that in World of Warplanes during the first year of existence will all sign aircraft for existing nations. There is a likelihood of bombers as analogue artillery World of Tanks. Probably will be added and new country. And introduce the ability to create clans, with all its consequences, they will be organized, not surprisingly, on the basis of the same Tanks.

Keep in mind that to World of Warplanes need to get used to if you move here from other flight simulators, including the War Thunder, it makes itself felt ideology game. However, the acclimation period is not too lengthy, addictive behavior management and physics aircraft completed after about fifty missions.

Despite the fact that the game is rich tactical moments and to learn all the intricacies of the air battles will have to spend a lot of time, it is marketed primarily as a spectacular arcade, whose purpose – fan, fan and fan again. And with that in World of Warplanes all right, make no mistake. And we look forward to the new content, the first big patch should appear after a month and a half.

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