Mini fridge amazon for fans of Call of Duty

Mini fridge amazon for fans of Call of Duty

Prior to the shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 left very little time. The release is expected on November 6. Therefore, developers of Activision and Treyarch are eager to share information about the project Mini fridge amazon.

Some information is extremely entertaining. It is reported that everyone will be able to purchase a special edition of the game. In physical form, of course, not digitally.

Package called «Juggernog Collector’s Edition». Offer unique: It consists of a Mini fridge amazon for drinks. The real, functioning perfectly.

Cool thing Mini fridge Amazon

Mini fridge amazon for fans of Call of Duty

The device is properly executed – as a soda vending machine distribution Jugger-Nog (which restores the health of the characters in the “Zombie”). It looks pretty cool.

If we talk about capacity in the product breaks 12 bottles of 0.35 liters. Enough to cool down a little bit in between games.

In addition, «Juggernog Collector’s Edition» offers a season ticket for future additions, the bonus card «The Giant», 4 coasters for glasses, official soundtrack, postcards concept art, 3 sets sights, emblems and camouflage, as well as a steel box disc.

Pre-orders are accepted on Amazon. The price of Mini fridge amazon is $ 200.

Source: mashable

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