Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Mini version of the top-end HTC One M8 with a recognizable “flagship” design, metal case, numerous proprietary “chips”, “simplistic” equipment and a third smaller price tag. How fun to get a “lite” version of the flagship, who will like and what it was able to “bribe”, say on.

Options – HTC One mini 2

Comes new in a small flat box of cardboard white. At its upper part – large image HTC One mini 2 and the bottom – its technical parameters.

Together with the smartphone supplied provided charger adapter cable micro- USB / USB, clip to open the tray under the micro-SIM and MicroSD -card, high-quality wired headset in the format of the droplets with three pairs of interchangeable ear cushions, and user guide and warranty card .

Design – HTC One mini 2

On HTC did not invent the wheel, but because HTC One mini 2 looks largely repeats previously considered the flagship One M8 – aluminum body with stylized brushed metal with rounded edges and a smooth curved back panel. At the last traditionally there are small grooves of plastic, “concealing” the antenna.

The main differences between the younger and older models that you notice almost immediately, – the absence of the first secondary camera on the back side, as well as the already mentioned plastic inserts in dark gray with the speaker grilles on the front instead of metal.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Of black matte plastic is made and rim around the perimeter of the housing mini-leader, who was not at the M8. The upper and lower ends of it is wide, and narrow at the sides and “inferior” in terms of area metal.

However, the so-called “loss” in the amount of aluminum used is, in my opinion, did not affect the appearance HTC One mini 2 – smartphone as the original One M8, looks expensive and elegant, especially with its plastic “classmates” – LG G3 S , Samsung Galasy S5 mini and Xperia Sony Z1 Compact.

In his hand the smartphone is “sitting” just perfect due to perfectly balanced parameters and characteristics – size, weight (see. Table), rounded corners and sloping rear panel.

But if One mini 2, even with all of this suddenly someone still seem to “shovel”, he will be able to connect it to a miniature Bluetooth -Headset a classic push-button phone – HTC mini +. C it means you can make / receive calls, SMS -messages, control music playback, perform remote shooting with the camera of your smartphone. In addition, it can be used as a TV remote control, but subject to the availability of a special application on a mobile phone. Cost HTC mini + is about $ 100.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Build Quality HTC One mini 2 is great – monolithic «unibody» housing smartphone is not pressed, no squeaks and do not play even with strong compression.

The device is available in three colors: silver, gold and dark gray metallic, as we have.

Functional elements – HTC One mini 2

Front panel devaysa, as is the case with its predecessor, is divided between the display, however, this time its diagonal increased c 4.3 to 4.5 inches, and two aluminum inserts with bars for stereo speakers. In the upper part are grouped as standard sensors, eye front 5MP camera and LED-indicator events, “hidden” behind a metal “grill”.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Bottom of the screen undeveloped black strip with the manufacturer’s logo. In addition, when you turn on the display above it appears another one with the onscreen buttons “Home”, “Menu” and “Back” – the sort of “two-layer sandwich.”

At the top of the rear panel of the unit are the main eye 13Mp camera, LED-flash and noise-canceling microphone. In the center of a logo of the manufacturer.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

The left side is given over to the smartphone  HTC One mini 2 drawer card microSD, and right under the slot for Nano-SIM-card and the volume rocker. The latter, in my opinion, are sunk into the housing and press on it is not very convenient.

On the upper side face are the power button and the 3.5 mm audio jack, and the bottom port of micro-USB.

Display – HTC One mini 2

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

The smartphone has a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 720h1280 points, the density of 326 pixels per inch. Pixelation invisible. At the heart of Super LCD2 matrix with excellent viewing angles without significant color shift even for large deviations.

Outside it protects the glass Corning Gorilla glass of the third generation. There is no reason to doubt, and available here oleophobic coating. Yes, the manufacturer about it and does not mention, however, fingerprints and other dirt is easily removed from the panel.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

The screen has a high margin of brightness. Last regulated both manually and automatically. In the sun, the display data remains readable.

The sensor is sensitive and simultaneously recognizes up to ten touches.

Features and performance = HTC One mini 2

The smartphone HTC One mini 2 is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform 400 with 4-core processor 1.2 GHz and graphics Adreno 305. amount of RAM – 1 GB.

Benchmark results One mini 2 is approximately two times lower in comparison with the original version of the flagship. However, despite this, available here “iron” enough to run demanding applications. No problem playing Full HD -video, work great games from the category Asphalt 8 and Minion Rush, the shell is not retarding.

Memory – HTC One mini 2

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

16 GB of internal memory declared available to the user of the order of 10 GB. Unlike its predecessor in One mini second generation there is support for microSD memory cards up to a maximum capacity of 128 GB, which is definitely a plus in the treasury device.

Implemented support for the specification and USB OTG, and, respectively, and the possibility of connecting the USB-flash drives or external hard drives.

Wireless modules and interfaces – HTC One mini 2

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Possible for smartphones communication modules and interfaces available Wi-Fi 802.11 b / G / n technology with Wi-Fi Direct, you can log on WPS PIN-code and create an access point, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS + GLONASS.

One mini 2 received the support of all frequency bands, including the fourth-generation network – LTE.

Battery – HTC One mini 2

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

The smartphone is equipped with a non-removable battery capacity of 2100 mAh, which is 300 mAh more than its predecessor. 100% battery is capable of operation of the device for one full day with the following loads: 2 hours – to view HD-video at the maximum brightness of the display and with the included Wi-Fi, as many more on the web-surfing plus 10 hours for listening to music. According to the results of all the said 15% of the charge remains on the calls and SMS-message.

The result of the autonomy of the machine AnTuTu Tester was above average, smartphone walked on by typing “parrots” Google Nexus 5 with battery 2300 mAh.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

There are two modes to save battery power – normal and maximum energy savings. Last give the user access to only the most necessary: ​​phone calls, SMS, email, calculator and calendar.

Camera – HTC One mini 2

At HTC One mini 2 two cameras – 5MP front and 13Mp basic.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

First went to wide-angle lens with an aperture of f / 2.0. It successfully solves the problem of creating high-quality and comfortable self video calling in Skype .

Basically PV modules installed 13Mp BSI-matrix format 1 / 3dyuyma with a resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels. She added autofocus and LED-flash.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

The images are detailed, but the contrast and brightness to them, as for me, lacking. Macro goes bad, especially given the presence of a special shooting mode. But good does not always pan.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Both the smartphone’s camera I can capture video at a maximum resolution Full HD at 30 frames / sec. A basic, everything else, also offers HD-video recording at 60 frames per second, slow motion (resolution 768×432 point).

Speakers – HTC One mini 2

The speaker volume is a good smartphone – at high interlocutor can hear well.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Two multimedia stereo speakers, spaced along the edges of the front panel and reinforced technology BoomSound, also like – they sound quality, juicy and loud.

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

The sound quality of the headphones is very high. By the way, mentioned earlier headset supplied with bright red ear pads in addition to its direct purpose is required for operation of the internal FM-radio.

Interface – HTC One mini 2

HTC One mini 2 is running an operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat with a proprietary shell HTC Sense 6.0. Last considerably simpler than those of One M8, for example, in a mini-flagship no control using gestures.

Software preinstalled in One mini 2 missing: Polaris Office office suite 5, the program notes for HTC Scribble, an application shell Kid Mode, as well as manual «HTC Wizard” utility HTC Zoe, allowing you to create a 30-second video clips with audio, and simple visual effects and a number of other useful applications.

Available information service HTC BlinkFeed with lots of sources and a search function. However, if necessary, a news aggregator, and can be removed.

Conclusion – HTC One mini 2

Review of the smartphone HTC One mini 2

Well, great build quality, the predominant metal in the body, good endurance and performance, sound quality, the latest version of the operating system plus a “fresh” proprietary shell Sense 6.0 makes HTC One mini 2 curious alternative to many mini-flagship of 2014 year.

The only thing that could be some kind of a “stumbling block” in the choice of this device by the user – its cost. Agree, $ 480 at the start of sales to the general advantage of the potential of your smartphone in any way do not look.

Pros – HTC One mini 2

– Premium design;
– High-quality assembly / body materials;
– Support for microSD-cards support up to 128 GB USB-OTG;
– Good performance;
– Smooth running shell Sense 6.0;
– High quality sound speakers BoomSound;
– 5 megapixel front camera

Cons – HTC One mini 2

– Not a very comfortable volume rocker;
– High price.

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