Experience in the used of new Nokia Lumia 930

Experience in the used of new Nokia Lumia 930

Experience in the used of new Nokia Lumia 930

This flagship operating system Windows Phone 8.1 released already some time ago, but in this article we would like to introduce to you is not an ordinary review, and the prevailing opinion after six months of using a smartphone. The text at the same time to answer, as far as viable – to use Windows Phone as the main operating system.


Smartphone Lumia 930 is still the best smartphone on Windows Phone in particular, and one of the best champions of all smartphones in general. This also applies to its performance and speed and wireless capabilities and quality of the camera. The latter, incidentally, top branded chip devices Microsoft Devices – perhaps the only smartphones that camera quality can really compete with the iPhone.

Smartphone Lumia 930

But first I want to say a few words about ergonomics smartphone. There is only one minus – the case of heavy. However, this can strain only at the beginning, during the transition to Lumia 930 with another smartphone. In the future, a relatively large mass of the smartphone is not felt, but the device in your hand with confidence, does not slip and fall.

Slightly convex screen, incidentally, is also easy to handle. On the one hand, the edges perfectly grope the other – no irritating protrusions. Initially may have feared that because of this form will overwrite the screen quickly, covered with scratches, but in reality all appeared six months minor scratches and scrapes hardly noticeable. While that film on the screen is not stuck.

Buttons and connectors are located and comfortable feel them blindly is not a problem. Pleases and hide the SIM-card (nano-SIM), which can be easily opened without the use of third-party tools (such as “clip” for iPhone). However, hot-swappable SIM cards still somehow not – have to restart your smartphone (turns off).


We have said many times (and not just in this article) that the performance of all devices on Windows Phone is no problem, especially in the Lumia 930. However, “just in case”, decided to include in the article a paragraph. Incidentally, the benchmark for WP and especially not and because the platform does not trust, but because special meaning in them not. The fact there are both positive and negative reasons.

Positive – good optimization of the interface and the operating system kernel and rigid requirements to the software do its job.

In general, in the Lumia 930 still “flying” applications open almost instantly, those games that is, do not brake at all.

Operating system

Perhaps the only problem that users may encounter with your smartphone on Windows Phone – lack of application services (branded application of various brands, restaurants, etc.). On the other hand, on the same Android client Instagram, for example, appeared much later iOS – and one of Android-users it stop? Of course, the number of applications for WP is constantly growing, that is, there is no stagnation and not going, despite criticism spiteful critics.

Office on Windows Phone

In practice, all that is needed the most – there. Even Instagram, although it is still in beta status and problems with encoding in notifications (only in them, in the application Russian language is displayed without problems).

Notification system Windows Phone

Experience in the used of new Nokia Lumia 930

But Windows Phone, there are many strengths. First of all, it is practically impossible to find a smartphone, which inhibits WP. More precisely, the interface of the OS does not slow down at all anywhere, just some applications for state employees may lag. However, we’re talking about the Lumia 930, the flagship, and you can be sure – this smartphone will become obsolete very long. You could even say that the Lumia (any) – a profitable investment and competent purchase, if you do not love me smartphone every six months or a year.

Music player – nothing extra and everything is clear

Next – the convenience of the OS, its interface. Yes, it is convenience. We do not write nothing about this is in the “experience of using” – it is no secret that the Windows Phone interface paradigms are very different from iOS and Android (the last rose of iOS, like Eve from Adam’s rib) which is why for a beginner WP highly unusual . But the “unusual” and “uncomfortable” – not only different-sounding words, but even not synonymous. If you, for example, went to the hatchback, and then boarded a jeep – also initially be an unusually long time.

Thus, in Windows Phone indeed many advantages. First of all, the clever use of display area on the start screen. If you have experience with Android-smartphone, you probably imagine what we are. There difficult one screen to dial a lot of widgets, but that they were made in the same style. As a rule, on the same screen typical of Android-smartphone can accommodate one or two widgets – the authors very much like graphic excesses, while the user is interested in the first place, the information itself.

Experience in the used of new Nokia Lumia 930

In Windows Phone, in addition to the standardized size “tiles” are also very well choose the size, and the very writing of the text (font). However, large page titles settings a bit knocked out of this rule (but still look organically). Look at how much info is placed on one screen smartphone on Windows Phone.

And if a little scroll down, there will be more. The advantage of the interface is active for that tile (widgets) and simple static icons includes the same dimensions. And it just fine. And the problems with mixing visual styles arise – everything looks organically.

Also very interesting is the possibility tracking status updates on social networks particular person – that he wrote in facebook, vkontakte, twitter. You can synchronize data with their social networks contacts list on your smartphone, view social activity of friends, their photos and albums directly from the notebook.

By the way, it is convenient that the update for Lumia Denim WP 8.1 added the ability to group tiles in the folder. Moreover, innovation does not destroy the visual interface paradigm – this is important.

Folder in Windows Phone can also be of different sizes – choose

Well, in general, in the interface of Windows Phone happy minimalism. This more than any other operating system is tuned exactly to the perception of information, so there is nothing superfluous. Incidentally, in the iOS and Android gradually begin to appear interface elements and paradigms of Windows Phone. Although generally similar to minimalism and angles – a modern trend and may, Microsoft just managed its first “catch”.

But most importantly, the interface Lumia 930 responsive as possible – this is often lacking on Android. In addition, it is very comfortable virtual keyboard, you do not even want anything to change (alas, iOS has not yet acquired is as comfortable keyboard).

Camera – Nokia Lumia 930

At Nokia, and now Microsoft has a lot of experience in the production of camera phones. One can recall the Nokia N8 – the first smartphone with a matrix of 1 / 1,8 ”, Nokia 808 PureView – the first smartphone with a camera 41 megapixel, or the same Lumia 1020 – almost 808 analogue of the cell, but on Windows Phone.

Experience in the used of new Nokia Lumia 930

Lumia 930 is also not knocked out of the series. By the way, they say that it is worth the same camera module as in the Lumia 1520, but we have the photos do not think so. But anything can happen – post-processing software also makes its own adjustments.

20-megapixel module Lumia 930 takes off really well, even though the camera’s software, and there are problems with the assessment of white balance, because of what can suffer color rendition in JPEG (or rather, can look unnatural color reproduction from the point of view of the user, so that the color is quite normal).

By default, the camera takes pictures in 5 megapixel resolution, more than enough even for viewing on a computer screen, and the “extra” megapixels uses to sharpen, plus as a reserve for the digital zoom. That is, zoom in approximately 2.5 times you can almost lossless (fall field will still be, but is not as noticeable as on other smartphones).

In addition to this, you can specify in the settings of the camera to take one picture in 5 megapixels and a 19 megapixel. But the most interesting – is setting up a 5 megapixel JPEG and 19 megapixel RAW (using the format DNG, Adobe proposed and supported by all anciently widespread RAW-converters). If you are a fan of processed pictures (and process a series of shots Lightroom – easier than ever), it can be useful. From the RAW image actually can be pulled and the lights and shadows and even make HDR. And for white balance can not worry – colors will be such as you wish.

Although, admittedly, often to the processing of RAW, we did not use – still mobile photography is more about “navёl, removed, laid out in the social network” than about image processing.


Any surprises from the Lumia 930 was not. Smartphone always lived out until the end of the working day and sometimes had the stock the next day. However, the Windows Phone does not have one very nice feature – even in standby mode, it consumes a lot of energy. That is, if you do not use your smartphone, put it on the shelf, it “will live” is not much longer than in the operating mode.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is difficult to call it – in fact, do not buy smartphones in order to lie on the shelf. In addition, any modern man who prefers a top model among smartphones, a long time is worth to have a useful habit to charge the smartphone once a day, and even carry a compact external battery. We recommend using some equipped with a diode flashlight – always handy. Or brand – for example, portable charger Microsoft DC-21. Well, just in case (and the cases are different).

In total – Nokia Lumia 930

Experience in the used of new Nokia Lumia 930

So, in practice, the smartphone Lumia 930 was not just viable, but also extremely convenient mobile device. Since it is much less of a problem than a typical smartphone Android (even if we are only talking about the top models), with no particular disadvantage, and the camera can and does work wonders in the right hands.

The screen did not cause any complaints – use it comfortably warm even on the beach of the bright hot sun. Music headphones sounds right. The performance is sufficient for all released for Windows Phone toys.

Well, the OS still after prolonged use leaves a good impression. Do not argue, there are drawbacks, but “childhood diseases” is not there for a long time, and proprietary advantages sometimes very severely lacking when using other smartphones on the iOS and Android.

Source: Microsoft

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