The first rumors about OnePlus Two

The first rumors about OnePlus Two

The first rumors about OnePlus Two

Introduced in late April OnePlus One and now remains highly coveted gadget. Proof of this is successfully conducted by hour sales unit without invitation, in the first minutes of which site and did not resist the influx of visitors. But, nevertheless, the time is not in place. Is it time to find out the first details about OnePlus Two?

According to The Times of India, a source familiar with the situation told the editors that OnePlus looking for opportunities for the production of a greater variety of interchangeable back panels. Earlier, the company stopped production SwapStyle, explaining that the problems in the production, as well as poorly designed mechanism replacing one cover to another. So it is logical to assume that the company has been working this issue for the next model of its smartphone and is now looking for ways to implement the plan.

Rumors about OnePlus Two

The first rumors about OnePlus Two

As for filling OnePlus Two, it must continue to comply with the slogan “Never Give Up”, offering high-end solutions for relatively little money. Information, in particular, promised that, when it comes to the hardware component, the company will, than to surprise us.

We also hope that OnePlus made enough lessons from their first experience to continue to pursue promotions competent to carry out high-quality customer support and competently address issues related to the quality of products.

Meanwhile, an anonymous source claims that the price for the second generation of “killer champions” will also change. According to him, OnePlus still plans to maintain their profits at a minimal level, and the second model of its smartphone all as will be cheaper than their “non-Asian” competitors. Nevertheless, the price per unit, obviously grows, but will be less than $ 500.

The date of submission OnePlus Two and the start of sales, nothing is known, as well as about whether he would wear this name. Although once the company is ready, it will certainly effectively attract our attention.

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