OnePlus One

We will OnePlus One successor

OnePlus One

While ambitious vendor novice OnePlus One stopped trying to hurt competitors offensive promotional campaign and ensures timely delivery “killer flagships” all holders of invitations, the object of the discussion were rumors about the work of Pete Lowe and on the next line of handheld device.

So, famous for its “espionage” activities in the technology world microblog Evleaks said that the code name of the next Chinese smartphone OnePlus One – Lettuce (“Salad”), whereas the OnePlus One before the premiere was called Bacon (“Bacon”).

New brother OnePlus One

OnePlus One

The absence of further details about the future novelty accounts only speculate about the relationship with their smartphone codenames: Will OnePlus Two lighter than its predecessor, or a simplified character and a more attractive price tag (remember, the machine with 16 GB of on-board costs 300 U.S. dollars)?

Share your guesses in the comments and stay with AndroidInsider , to learn more about unannounced Android-flagship with CyanogenMod.

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