Hidden features of Android Lollipop

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

System with the green robot inside is often called “OS” for geeks, and it’s hard to argue. Firstly, features of Android Lollipop offers incredibly wide possibilities of personalization: customize to your taste you can almost every detail. Second, inside it is a huge amount of hidden features, which becomes known to a few weeks after the official presentation. The latest iteration of the titled Lollipop is no exception, in which we have already managed to make. Today we take a look at the final quintet innovations fifth version of the system. Let’s begin.

Hours for each – features of Android Lollipop

Which application is used daily by millions of people? That’s right, for hours. In most cases, it is opened to set the alarm and start the timer and stopwatch.

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

Perhaps for this reason, Google developers have decided to give it special attention, almost completely redesigned interface. The main feature of the latter is to change the background color during the day. In the morning we met a blue tint, noon – purple, and just before bedtime – black.

More contrast – features of Android Lollipop

Wallpaper – almost unique component of each smartphone, and thus treat his choice is particularly carefully. If you’re staying on the bright picture, it means that a new item in the setup menu will be useful for you.

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

We are talking about the function of the text high contrast; reading is not a problem on any background image. In addition, it will be convenient for people with low vision.

Unobtrusive calls – features of Android Lollipop

Admit it, rejoice incoming calls from friends do not always succeed. Feel it fully succeeds in passing one of the exciting favorite games. Often in such a case, resetting the call terminates progress. Who needs it?

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

But now everything is different. In the case of a running game or application card calls to Android will occupy only a small portion of the screen. Indeed, it is convenient.

Secure restart – features of Android Lollipop

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

Features of Android Lollipop also got a revised mechanism for the application after a system reboot. Previously, we recall, this procedure has become the reason for closing all programs. Now restart the system is far less aggressive: running applications remain intact.

Built-in color correction – features of Android Lollipop

According to our colleagues from phonearena, color perception about 7 percent of the world’s population is different from the norm. Fortunately, experience this problem when dealing with the smartphone does not have to.

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

Features of Android Lollipop can boast built-corrector colors. There are three different ways to change.

In this series of articles about innovations Android Lollipop comes to an end. In the event of hitherto unknown features we have that naturally inform about them.

What new functionality you liked the most? Tell us about it below.

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