Review of Nokia Lumia 930

Review of Nokia Lumia 930 – a real flagship

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

It’s no secret that issued this year on Android flagships do not cause a furore of the past, emotions and joy. Visually, they are not fundamentally different from its predecessors, the difference lies in the internal components. But it’s all about the world of Android, Windows Phone in the realm of other laws.

Nokia Lumia 930 – a modern flagship eminent manufacturer, which is a logical continuation of the previous line of devices. Its predecessors were the Lumia 925 and fablet Lumia 1520. Novelty has absorbed the best of both. From first got compact size and chic metal body, from the last – the most powerful and filling chamber with an impressive resolution of 20 megapixels.

Packing and accessories Nokia Lumia 930

Modern equipment flagships cause a lot of issues and resentment. How would it be foolish not to sound, well-known manufacturers have something to learn from the Chinese, who in addition to the device itself is usually put in a box headset, a couple of covers and films on the screen, a spare battery, as well as the entire range of cables and adapters. Picking up the box with the Nokia Lumia 930, I suspected something was wrong, it was too easy it was. In fact, apart from the smartphone, charging, and packs of papers, nothing inside you will not find. In the web I came across an interesting justification for such a decision – “Make minimizes the complete set, based on the assumption that all the necessary you already have.”

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

Why, for example, to staff the unit unpretentious headset if, perhaps, the consumer already has his favorite headphones, it will use. However, it seems to me that Apple has proven that and complete headset can satisfy the majority of potential buyers.

In order not to make this paragraph in a devastating criticism, let me remind you that the lucky pre-order on the Nokia Lumia 930, as a gift to get a wireless charger. Very interesting contraption has a pleasant appearance and is gradually becoming an indispensable accessory in your home or office. I prefer to use a wired charger at home, and wireless “tablet” has provided office. At work, I often distract calls, after which the phone goes to its rightful place, and fueled by energy. Such refinement allows us not to worry about the level of charge during the working day. Blue “pill” fully charge a smartphone in about 6-7 hours. On the one hand it’s a lot, but on the other hand, when my case use – quite normal.

In general, the transmission of power without wires is a real extraterrestrial miracle, so that “all the running to buy cool blue charging.” Perhaps also worth recalling that the wireless charging from Nokia universal and is tuned for a particular device. We quite successfully managed to make friends with her editorial Google Nexus 5.

Design and Ergonomics The Nokia Lumia 930

Remember, in the introduction, I complained about the lack of really bright and worthy champions on the basis of OC Android? So Nokia Lumia 930 is completely different. She, like all the products of Nokia, has its own unique identity. We went to a model in the strict black, which is perfect for a business dinner jacket and tie.

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

But for a young female audience and is available orange, green and white colors.

Dressed in a metal, the 930th can tightly chained to his views of others – rectangular shape and rounded corners quite a bit, a couple of slips from the top, near the headphone jack, and a couple of the bottom framing port microUSB, create a sense of wholeness and completeness. The back part is made of polycarbonate, a surprisingly pleasant to touch and resistant to external influences.

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

One feels that the designers and engineers did their best. By their own merits should ascribe design connector for SIM-cards. If you remove the card from some previous models without staples was not possible, the novelty is enough to hook a fingernail slot. But the card format remains the same – nanoSIM, even despite the fact that the place is calm and would be enough for the “human” micro. Ideological mastermind of such a decision is necessary at least to shower slippers, and even better – impaled, but do not let the bad news.

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

On the right side of the smartphone can be found metal volume button is very well positioned in the lock button and the shutter button of the camera. All the keys are very short and concise course, no backlash was found. Framing the frame is not subject to rapid wear and serves as an excellent protection in awkward situations, such as during the fall of the smartphone on the asphalt.

Display Nokia Lumia 930

Despite the impressive diagonal of 5 inches, the frame around the screen is minimal, use the Nokia Lumia 930 with one hand comfortably. This is exactly what was missing fabletu Lumia 1520. matrix made by the OLED technology and has excellent color reproduction and viewing angles. In the presence of a proprietary technology Clear Black and low power consumption when using dark colors in the interface. At a density of 441 pixels per inch, even the keen eye can not find something to complain about.

On top of the screen is covered with a little convex protective glass Gorilla Glass 3 to prevent rapid wear. Quality oleophobic coating is excellent. Variation in the levels of brightness provides a comfortable feel at home in the dark – and during the working day in direct sunlight.

I honestly tried to find fault with anything, but it did not work – the picture quality is excellent in all conditions, and light sensor very quickly and accurately detects the ambient environment, instantly adjusting the brightness at the desired level.


Nokia Lumia 930 boasts a camera module, very similar to that of the Lumia 1520, and it is very good. Shoot on a six-inch fablet was a little uncomfortable, intuitively felt the desire to slightly reduce the size and dimensions of the body. 930th also received more than suitable for comfortable shooting dimensions, rapid start-up of the camera off and almost instant saving photos.

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

So, first things first. In 1520 Nokia Lumia hell out of me infuriated long run chamber – about 4-6 seconds. The trouble is compounded by the fact that after changing the settings also had to wait a long time until the camera module wakes up. The novelty of these problem areas a good job. Now the startup speed of the camera, even the locked screen is less than two seconds, and while working with the settings, everything happens almost instantly. Fortunately, now the probability to miss the frame is minimized, and all this thanks to the finalization of the program by Nokia.

On the module front-facing camera to write I do not see much point. He is, and it is more than enough, that’s all.

Standard camera I did not use, but Nokia Camera. Actually, everything remained as it was, you can customize everything, from the exposure and white balance, to focus mode and shutter speed. This is very cool, but not always true. Agree, often because it is important to catch the frame, and the time for preparation and setup is not there. On the other hand, with an abundance of free time, and you can string up a twisting sliders.

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

As you can see, the maximum resolution of the pictures is actually equal to 16 megapixels. Have the ability to shoot in a format DNG , for further processing on a computer. Frankly, without processing DNG-format is not the most pleasant sight. In general, it is recommended for true photographers who fanateyut from hand polishing photos by using specialized software.

In automatic mode, sometimes a little white balance fails and display colors. For example, instead of just once a black keyboard on the photo turned out to be blue. But this is all minor quibbles, the potential of the camera hoo. Lumia 930 faithfully served me for several presentations. Then the photos taken using the Lumia 930, with little or no treatment were used in the materials on our site. Examples of the photo below. I’m sure regular readers of these pictures seem familiar.

Hardware platform and sound

Lumia 930 is based on the current platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 + GPU Adreno 330. Complete the picture 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory for data storage. Interface, as might be expected, flies without delay. Slots for memory cards, no, that can be a little alert. The fact is that in addition to the photos, the 930th also keeps small trailers to create a pleasant effect in the gallery. The whole thing is quite actively eats phone memory, especially if you’re a fan of the photo shoot in DNG-format.

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

In other cases, no problems there, even more so the question is – where to put all this power, then? Geymdev for Windows Phone has not arrived in time, but something in the presence of a fat wallet can be found. Pleasantly surprised by the heating of the case during the game battles, or rather, lack thereof. It is a rarity for modern champions, stuffed to the eyeballs technology and powerful hardware. If it were not for ARM-architecture, we could assume that the filling Lumia 930 is almost twice as much as my home stationary PC, which, as you know, in your pocket will not fit.

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

Separately say about the sound. Firstly, the smartphone has just four microphones for recording, repeating the success fableta Lumia 1520. This aspect is useful to ardent fans to shoot video during concerts or loud events.

Audio output device is also at altitude. Speaker is loud, the sound is not distorted even at maximum volume, and good headphones stuffing your bloodstream endorphins guaranteed. In the presence of an equalizer, hidden deep in the settings, and technology Dolby.

Software Platform

Nokia Lumia 930 runs on Windows Phone 8.1 with proprietary add-ons Lumia Cyan. At the rate of production of the recently released update of Lumia Denim no doubts.

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

Well, in general, plitochki – they are in Africa plitochki, with all the consequences. The eternal debate on the lack of applications has gradually subsides, which can not but rejoice. For example, recently saw the world beta version of the popular browser Opera mini.

As usual, no complaints about the speed of the system is not and can not be, and everything that you can complain about, hidden beautiful animation. But in order not to leave the description of the features of the software shell blank, I will share a couple of interesting observations. One of them pleasantly shocked, but others clearly require intervention on the part of Microsoft, and application developers.

Observation №1

Once upon a time I saw a comparison of the speed of mobile internet on Android-powered devices and smartphones from Apple. In the context of a bad connection, or else during the overly concentrated load on the network, data on Android-smartphone still working involuntarily groaning, but kilobyte passing the right information. iOS with a similar situation, just an error, they say, connection timeout expired. So, the user devices running Windows Phone, even at the slightest load on the network can completely forget about the transfer of data and without a break to catch a connection error in popular applications.

Observation №2

Function of backup and recovery between smartphones based on Windows Phone works just fine. Replacing the Lumia 930 in 1520, I expect to have to re-download all the applications and enter the settings. And then a miracle system presented me with a wonderful surprise. After entering uchetki Microsoft for 10 minutes Lumia 930 on the inside of my eyes became identical to the previous smartphone. Returned to the place of all applications, tiles, background image, messages and even call history. Separately, I note my shock when the reader Tucan Reader not only recovered as an application, but somehow returned to the device memory book, which I left on fablete, and invited me to continue reading from the same place.

Thus, the updated phone platform WP can be compared to the purchase of a new model iPhone. You just change the hardware-only, and all of your data to the new device without any problems – it’s cool.

Autonomy Nokia Lumia 930

In the active mode of operation smartphone lived out until the evening about a quarter charge left. Such a figure is quite typical for Android-powered devices, and a little too small for smartphones running Windows Phone. The latest models, which I have tested, showed a more impressive result, namely: Lumia 1320 – 2.5 days, Lumia 630 – 3 days, Lumia 1520 – about two days.


Summing up, I want to say that the Nokia Lumia 930 has turned out a real flagship device. Smartphone future owners will appreciate the original design, smart and high-quality camera, excellent sound in the headphones and, as always, an impressive performance. Refuse to buy can make a hefty price tag, little bit poor delivery and personal dislike of the OS from Microsoft. Perhaps for the subsequent statement I get to the head, but still:

Review of Nokia Lumia 930

If the Nokia Lumia 930 was running Android [AOSP], it was uncompromising was the flagship for the wider audience connoisseurs of premium products and crazy geeks who could easily forgive his price. This device has a personality and an easy charm, which is so lacking devices on competing operating systems.

Enumerate found pros and cons that have been identified in the operation of the device:

Pluses Lumia 930

  • Using metal in the housing, a superior design
  • OLED-matrix screen catches the eye and is well protected
  • Quick Start camera can easily replace a bar of soap in travel
  • Quality sound in headphones

Cons Lumia 930

  • Options much better that of the Moto G
  • Autonomy does not match the platform slightly

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