Nokia again will release Android-smartphone?

“No, this can not be, Nokia to Android?” – Dedicated fans lamented the fall of the Finnish company. Nevertheless, from the category of rumors smartphones available line X became a reality. Let three bright and stylish devices do not have the modern filling, but everyone can afford them. In Asia, Nokia X are proven and demand creates supply, is not it? This means that users have the chance to see the second generation of X-gadgets. That’s all we know at the moment:

News from the People’s Republic of China came to our colleagues from PhoneArena: Android-smartphone called the Nokia X2 has been tested in Antutu, gaining 11,000 points. New works on 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 and has twice as much RAM than its predecessor – 1 GB. The volume of the built-in storage is still equal to 4 GB. With such characteristics device is a direct competitor of the recently introduced E Moto.

The manufacturer has decided not to make any changes in the design of the smartphone – to “runaway” in network rendering can see the body of rectangular shape in bright colors, but the back cover is painted in two colors, and instead of a single key management family there are two X – under the screen is a button logo Microsoft.

The deal between Nokia and Microsoft was completed last month , so it’s worth asking the question whether created by Bill Gates Corporation Soup release on Android? What do you think?

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