HTC M8 Ace: affordable flagship

Insidious marketing wars conceived manufacturers: under the popular brand to produce a variety of devices and assign them to the flagship line. After all accustomed to the mini-versions of the top devices, appeared to lead to premium flagships and more affordable clones. furthest in this matter went to the Taiwanese company HTC: showing not the best (thanks largely to the camera with 4 “ultrapikselyami”) One M8 and One Mini 2 , the time has come to work on the bugs and to provide inexpensive and improved gadget. Unfortunately, we are not talking about one, but the two models under the “improved” should understand Prime , and satisfy the requests of the wealthiest users should Ace.

Earlier this month, the official twitter account vendor quoted Edward Bulwer-Lytton: “In life, as in art, beauty is in the bends.” It is possible that cryptic statement refers to has not yet announced the new product: judging by the renderer to the above, Ace has rounded ends.

But here’s the second chamber, as in the original version of M8, the gadget has not yet: according to Digital Trends, the only photomodule Ace (on the back side of the body) is able to take pictures with a resolution of 13 megapixels. But the lock button on / off moved into the middle of the top panel.

When waiting for?

One M8 in the case of plastic bright colors, according to the same source, will go on sale on June 3, but will be presented exclusively for the Chinese fans Android. Will Europeans acquire new One for $ 480, remains a mystery.

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