Google Store is on the way

What Google inferior competitors? Certainly not during runtime smartphone operating system Android and their market share. The latter, as we have already long ago exceeded 80 percent, thus turning green robot champion. A striking example of the benefits of the search giant is the presence of retail outlets, which have long ago acquired by Apple and Microsoft. However, soon this will be the Achilles heel of a part of history: it seems that the opening of the first Google Store is not far off.

Before turning to the evidence soon open a store, you need to understand the reasons for such a step. Help in this, oddly enough, our “favorite apple” company, try a smartphone which I had the opportunity .

It is beautiful

Regardless of your preference in operating systems that do not recognize the unmatched look of most Apple Store would be a crime. Admire the most outstanding “apple” shops, incidentally, can be here.

In case of a successful project, Google does not store only a positive impact on the company’s reputation, but also increase its revenues.

This should

Every day is nearing commercial release of the first intelligent points of Google Glass, and few people will decide on the amount of such waste without testing this device. And try as possible points from the online store you will hardly opening the local point of sales is more than logical.

Also, do not forget about the range of Nexus, in the success of the implementation of which there is no doubt. Especially if for the production of tablets undertake Taiwanese giant HTC .

It started

According to information received from our foreign colleagues phonearena, Google already feels the way for the start of such activities. Currently negotiating a lease of a building located in New York City on Green Street. Its area is 380 square meters.

Did it cost real estate rentals of similar size? 125 thousand dollars a month. By the way, about three years ago a similar lease of a building in the same area of ​​the borough of Manhattan would cost about two times cheaper.

It seems that the company is serious about promoting new products, while gaining new customers. Does Google Store soon bypass shops gadgets from Cupertino? Share your predictions for this article.

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