Google Glass will take years to reach Europe

In the U.S., Google Glass are about 10 thousand people. In Europe, there is little, and in the coming years will not be reported MarketingLand . The reasons are two: one technical, the other – legal.

In almost all European countries, Google has faced with the fact that Glass violating any laws related to privacy and more. For example, in the UK is strictly prohibited the use of a wearable computer while driving.

The second problem – it is a voice recognition system, which is built on the basis of interaction with the electronic glasses. Google has brought it almost to perfection, but only for U.S. English. Capabilities of the system for European languages ​​are far from enough satisfactory results, so you can comfortably use the Glass.

Given the mentioned features, no wonder that journalists so pessimistic as to the timing of release Google Glass in Europe.

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