Apple TV can get a built-in camera

Jobs published on the site Apple , allowed the media to assume that Apple TV will get a digital camera. Conclusion is based on the fact that a team of software developers for the new cameras are invited specialists. The company is looking for a developer algorithms cameras debugger frameworks, as well as media systems performance engineer. Moreover, among the projects on which they will be working, mentions not only smartphones, iPods and tablets, but also set-top box. Randomness is not very similar.

Jobs appeared on the site in December. That the manufacturer still has not removed them, may mean that they have not yet closed, and the required number of specialists are not scored. According to the latest rumors, the next generation of Apple TV to be shown as early as this year and probably in the first half of the year. Mean time to introduce developments, if they appear to be not so much. So, if the camera will be in the near release – the big question.

No less a question – destination component. According to experts, the camera could shoot the gestures and movements of the user and “track” them. Most recently, Apple acquired PrimeSense, the company that developed Kinect, there is hope that the new gadget from Apple will be able to perceive the gestural commands (TV waved handle – turned it off, for example). Is this true, we learn later.

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