What is the main problem lies Google Glass?

Hobbies – has long managed to migrate from the category of “temporary fad” into a fully fledged part of his life. This is primarily journalistic activities, endeared Android and respect for other operating systems. Secondly, the study of dance, called a love of music and art in general.

Google Glass

Perhaps, it is unlikely anyone will try to challenge the assertion that people are slowly getting used to the new categories of technological devices. For example, about fifteen years ago, many would be surprised, met in the street a man with a mobile phone. If you take more than a short time, be labeled a madman could easily be active Bluetooth-headset. Today, fortunately, these problems are extremely rare, but on the horizon, a new device, you get used to the majority of ordinary citizens can very long time. This, as you probably already guessed, is about glasses Google Glass, which periodically put their proud owners in an awkward position. Today we have decided to introduce you to the most common ones.

At the bar

About possible problems for fans of advanced technologies became known shortly after the presentation of the notorious points. Pioneer of the so-called champions of privacy on the manual places “5 Point”, which is located in Seattle. Last spring at the cafe door, an inscription, which was depicted logo crossed points of the search giant. According to the owner, because the newfangled device is able to record videos, it may cause inconvenience to other visitors.

Moreover, in case of disobedience to the rules, the owner of the cafe promised to deal with the offenders, “with a few kicks.”

Since then, a similar path chosen by many institutions. That is why if you are lucky enough to be one of the owners of this device, be sure to inquire about the possible consequences before you cross the Rubicon between the street and doors places.

In the car

On the new prohibitions spoke again at the end of last year, when Cecilia Ebeid was fined for driving a vehicle in the Google Glass. This incident occurred in California.

The most curious part of what happened was that the police without any refinements made a report on violation of traffic rules. Column explanation, oddly enough, in black and white was written “Driving in Google Glass”.

In addition, the representative of the law read an excerpt from the law:

Illegal to drive a vehicle equipped with a video monitor, if the latter is in view of the driver and displays anything other than the navigation maps and data about playing music on the player or radio.

By the way, in the video, the newly created Google, the protagonist, being a firefighter, it is driving glasses. It seems, the company missed the fact Cecilia fine pass.

In the cinema

The latter situation occurred not more than two days ago. Call it a comic or something like that can not even be a stretch. It is not surprising, with the owner of Google understood representatives of the Ministry of National Security.

However, where it all began more quietly. User Glass decided to visit the cinema, habitually wearing glasses. Naturally, in the hall of their disabled man prudently, but it did not interfere with the theater workers who, apparently, do not really understand, and in all kinds of technological devices.

Enjoy the film the victim was only about an hour. It expires officer approached him, showed a badge and quickly pulled the glasses off his face. Further, shouting, “Follow me. Quickly, “retired.

Proud, but markedly depressed owner best devices out into the hall and to my surprise saw about 10 police officers, five of whom were employees of the shopping center.

Statements about finding points off did not help, as officers of the law and tried to find more footage allegedly roller section, uh, bought movies. Oddly enough, the owner had the nerve to resist the pressure, moreover, he told police about the unfortunate opportunity to connect points to the computer using USB-port. Some time later, the police made in the absence of the required records and pre-excused released detainee.

Higher amount of such situations before the official start of sales of Glass? Share your opinion in the comments.

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