What Google can answer the Apple Mac and iPhone interaction

Few would argue with the fact that the usefulness of Google Now in everyday life. If this application is begun only cards weather and the search string, now – is another story. Shares, the results of interest to sports activities, timetable, tracking parcels reminder list of stores in the mall and even a place where you parked the car user – here is a list of options Google Now, and I have probably forgot about something. But it does not stop.

According to the latest information received AndroidPolice, Google is developing a service “Nearby” (nearby), which will display the user even more tips on the basis of its location.

Specifically, Nearby will prompt next to what interesting places, things or people you are. This will allow, for example, set reminders like “remind me when I’m with Innocent”, or looking in the shop tasty cookie, receive notifications about promotions of products in this department.

When the service to the user’s account, Google will periodically include a microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , and other similar services for all current and future devices associated with this account. Nearby also with will include “The History of the location” and “Send the route.” In our time tracking infinitely big brother, sounds a bit ominous, but it is worth remembering that all this is necessary to determine with great accuracy when the two “friends” of the device are next to each other and the interaction between them in context.

Additionally, the user may be able to choose to whom and what information is available assembled devices. And to protect it, it will be sent to the server Google, where it will be stored together with information from other accounts. Also provided to other devices, it will only ever Nearby recognizes “closeness”.

To implement Nearby Google, apparently involved technology services previously purchased Bump (used motion devices and data on their location data by hitting each other) and SlickLogin (using audio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for authentication).

Information about the upcoming development of interaction between devices in Google ecosystem is particularly interesting in view of the recent announcement from Apple, where particular impressed just the interaction between Mac and iPhone.

Nearby, strictly speaking, can open adherents of services from Google far more opportunities. Aside from those mentioned at the beginning of reminders, the service can also be used in home automation (which, incidentally, is also interested in both companies) and between the devices of a particular user. Take, for example, unlock Chromebook’a costs you come to the workplace or garage opening at the entrance to the house mentioned in the video presentation Android Wear?

About Nearby launch date not yet known, but it is assumed that the function will come to our devices together with the next update Google services.

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