Fully assembled iPhone Lite not unlike the iPhone 5 [Photos]


Over the past few months we have seen a lot of pictures of the budget version of the iPhone, but new pictures on the web are of particular interest. The fact that the photographs published by the manufacturer of “apple” accessories Tactus , Poses for a fully assembled iPhone Lite. And on the picture, the novelty is not distinguished from the current flagship iPhone 5. Sizes of the two gadgets are roughly the same. However, they have almost the same arrangement of keys which differ from each other only in design.


Low-cost iPhone, allegedly made of polycarbonate plastic housing material resembling iMac G3 late 1990s – early 2000s. The thickness of the smartphone in the full assembly is 9 mm, height – 120 mm. Thus, if it is confirmed the authenticity of these images, a budget smartphone Apple will be slightly longer and wider than the iPhone 4/4S. 


It is currently known that differ in color models feature iPhone Lite will be five, and, according to some reports that Apple is preparing three versions available immediately smartphone, codenamed Zenvo, Zagato and Bertone. The first dual-core H5P at up to 1.23 GHz, produced by Samsung, 1GB of RAM, and support for cellular networks LTE (band FDD). Models Zagato and Bertone as there are at the prototype stage, have a processor H6P, 1GB of memory and support for LTE networks band TDD, common in China.



Experts attribute iPhone Lite price from $ 300 to $ 400. In this scenario, he will enjoy enough popularity in the markets of developing countries, especially if he gets a decent screen and befitting electronic stuffing.

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