iPhone Lite Marked with the FCC poses for photos

In the Chinese microblog Weibo quality photograph was published, which supposedly shows the so-called budget version of iPhone, about whose possible development in the bowels of Apple, we have covered. On the image taken from one of the suppliers of components, is allegedly fully assembled mobile device in the case of white color, buttons, camera and flash, as well as proprietary connector Lightning, about which at the time had broken a lot of copies.


Noteworthy is the fact that, in contrast to the previous image, the new image with the iPhone Lite you can see the marks certificate of the Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communications Commission, FCC), which suggests that Apple has already received approval for the sale of the budget version of the smartphone iPhone.

Apparently, the device features a 4-inch touch screen (probably, Retina) and housing, coupled with the buttons and controls that are also made in white. It is known that in its size significantly exceeds the budget iPhone iPhone 5, the height is 120 mm, and thickness – 9 mm.


Behind the iPhone Lite differs rounded edges, and its debut on the market, according to rumors, will be held on September 6 in several colors casing, which obviously should attract the attention of younger audiences. As for the low price, it is likely to be achieved through the use of plastic body and not the most top-end hardware filling.

However, there is a possibility that the device shown in the picture is the layout or just the Chinese model “for iPhone».

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