Apple has launched a promotional campaign for the new 12-core Mac Pro

Apple announced a new generation of productive workstation Mac Pro in June at the conference WWDC. The company did not name the exact release dates of computers on the market, but according to MacRumors this will happen this fall. Harbinger of launching new Mac Pro with a cylindrical design can serve as the beginning of a promotional campaign, which launched Apple in the United States.

As reported by MacRumors, for the first time in American cinemas have started to show a new generation Mac Pro. Start the promotional campaign has also been associated with access to the worldwide distribution of the new film about the founder of Apple «Steve Jobs: The Empire of temptation.” Previously, Apple announced that sales of the updated machines will begin later this year, the assembly of the devices will go to the United States.

The computer is made in a cylindrical glossy black casing around a quarter of a meter in height and diameter of 20 cm boards bearing the CPU, system logic, GPU and memory, are located around the Thermal Core – high-performance cooling system that uses a single fan.

The heart of the new Mac Pro – 12-core Xeon processors, plus two next-generation high-end graphics processor AMD FirePro, supporting a display resolution of 4K (Ultra HD). In a flash memory-based PCIe, as well as ultra-fast memory ECC. The machine runs up to 2.5 times faster than its predecessors and has a capacity of up to 7 teraflops computing.

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