In the iPad 5 will be used display technology GF2

Apple is preparing to introduce in the coming months Tablets iPad 5 and iPad mini – better than the models that were released in October last year. According to sources, DigiTimes, a new version of a full-size tablet, equipped with a display Retina, will use thin-film sensor technology GF2 , so Apple will be able to reduce the cost of the device, making gadgets are thinner and lighter than previous versions. Responsible for the delivery of the new touch panels will be two of TPK and GIS.


Feature technology GF2 («glass film”) which is currently being applied in iPad mini, is that the display is composed of two layers – the glass and the sensor film with the electrodes above and below, whereas whole structure GG («glass-glass” ) includes two layers of glass. The use of technology GF2 (DITO) will not only reduce the thickness of the display Apple iPad 5, but will make a cheaper analog screen, which will affect the cost of “apple” tablet. In addition, the rejection of the scheme GG simplify the delivery of products.

It was reported earlier that the components for the iPad 5 will be supplied by Nitto Denko, Japan Display and TPK. Monthly shipments of 9.7-inch screens made by technology GF2, the estimated source, amount to 4-5 million units.

As for the new iPad mini, here it is a choice between the two display technologies – TFT and LTPS.

“Currently, Apple selects a display technology for the next iPad mini – TFT or LTPS. Sources say that Sharp will provide the necessary volume for Apple panels Oxide TFT, and LG and Samsung are ready to supply LTPS-components as well as Korean manufacturers do not consider competing technology is quite promising, “- says DigiTimes.

According to rumors, Apple may delay the launch of iPad mini with Retina display up to 2014, but the fifth-generation iPad will be released as planned in the autumn of this year.

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