Extreme video camera ISAW A3 Extreme entered the market


ISAW Korean brand has launched a long-awaited innovation: extreme camera ISAW A3 Extreme. This is the third and by far the most advanced camera in the line of ISAW. A3 Extreme has received not only reinforced waterproof housing that withstands immersion to a depth of 60 meters, but also built-in Wi-Fi-module through which you can control the camera from a tablet or smartphone.

In an action-camera uses a 12-megapixel Sony Exmor sensor with high-precision aperture optics (F/2.4). The maximum angle of view of the camera is 152 degrees.


Excellent video settings provided new Ambarella A7 LX processor and advanced codec. ISAW A3 Extreme writes video in FullHD resolution 1920 * 1080p capture at 60 frames / sec, and in the resolution WVGA – at a rate of 240 frames / sec.

The main difference Isaw A3 Extreme from other products of the line – support for Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11 b / g / n. With this interface, you can view photos and videos directly through the camera viewfinder, providing coverage of live recordings, as well as to manage it via a smartphone or tablet using established free apps for Android and iOS.

ISAW Extreme traditionally supports two unique features: TIME LAPS VIDEO (shooting and editing their own video on the camera) and AQUA MODE (shooting underwater with a special balance of red and blue colors).

Catering is provided by ISAW Extreme Lithium-ion rechargeable battery capacity of 1200 mA / h It is able to provide continuous video recording for two hours.

Buy a camera ISAWA3 Extreme can today on the official website for $ 340.

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