Media: Apple will remove from production after the release of iPhone 5 iPhone 5S

According to the Chinese website Chinese CTech, with access iPhone 5S and more affordable smartphone with plastic casing Apple can change the tradition of the previous generation to leave the phone in service for the saturation of the more affordable price points.

According to the paper, instead of the previously practiced by reducing the price of last year’s after the debut of the new American giant computer electronics this year will stop after the release of the iPhone 5 release iPhone 5S. This decision analysts believe it is logical in light of the financial results of Apple for the last quarter, according to which the previous models ‘ate’ part of the volume of sales of the iPhone 5, which will ultimately have a negative impact on the company’s margins.

It is assumed that this tactic will allow Apple to not only increase sales of iPhone 5S, but also to increase the sales of iPhone Lite, also known as a budget reduction in price or iPhone. Now share iPhone 4/4S even in the United States accounts for almost half of smartphone sales Apple, the rest is the iPhone 5. In addition, decreased over the year by 10% of the average sales price of iPhone says that the iPhone 4/4S is gaining popularity in the world market.

It is reported that the production technology displays for the iPhone 5 release makes them in small quantities unprofitable. After the market will iPhone 5S, production of “five” should be naturally reduced. According to the source, Apple does not see the iPhone 5 the preservation of life meaning, saturate a more affordable price niches as the company is going through iPhone Lite, as well as with iPhone 4/4S. The life cycle of the past has not yet exhausted, as both a smartphone can work with iOS 7. However, in order to standardize the product range and in the presence of normal demand for fiscal iPhone they can also leave the conveyor.

Of course, this is just a rumor. But no one can deny that Apple is not for nothing is the market leader in computer and mobile devices, and often puts the competition to a standstill due to the original decisions.

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